Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly Menu: 10/23-10/29

Since we just got home from a cruise, I desperately need to set a menu down so that with all the other stuff to catch up on, at least I'll be ready for the meals!  So, this is my menu plan for the week.  If you look carefully, it's just like MoneySavingMom's... :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Word of the Day: Flesh Out

I was looking for something to post about and I decided to go to my old stand-by: The Word of the Day.  The site has a list of 10 commonly mistaken words used.  Words like prosecute and persecute and compliment and complement.  Well, the number one was Flesh Out and Flush Out.

I just had to post on this one!  Flesh out is to provide layers of a plan.  The Merriam-Webster geniuses suggest thinking of it like a skeleton.  You add meat to a skeleton to make a more complete picture.  This is what flesh out means, putting flesh on something.

For instance, let's flesh out this idea of raising taxes on the millionaires for so-called job creation.  So, the government raises the taxes on the millionaires by 5%.  The millionaires then cut back on spending, saving, and their own businesses.  Yep, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Have you heard about the lunatics in the Occupy Wall St. movement?  A group of unions have gotten together to protest capitalism at the business center of the world and around the country at other business districts.  The movement is comprised up of mostly unions like the AFL-CIO, SEIU, United Auto Workers, and also some political organizations like Working Families Party and other socialists.  They believe that capitalism is a great evil and that America really needs to be helping each other.  I guess the companies that EMPLOY those union employees don't really need the jobs, huh?  So, why then have a union?  Why not just quit the jobs and let the rest of America take care of you since you sure that's the American way?  No?  Oh, you mean you want to FORCE people to take care of you?  Yeah, that sounds American.


Well, apparently, the weather has turned cold.  And the occupiers are there on the streets without sleeping bags.  They have a dilemia: Should they buy their sleeping bags?  The movement is Anti-Capitalism, mind you.  To go into a store and buy a sleeping bag would be hypocritical.  The item is here in the minutes from their Monday meeting:  

The first point: Comfort budget….

Jeff: I work with comfort. We have some major concerned about people sleeping here. Mainly we need sleeping bags. Sleeping bags cost money and no one is donating sleeping bags. With that in mind we have a proposal to use some of the donated money to buy sleeping bags. We would like to request about 2000 dollars from the fund for sleeping bags.  We think if we buy 100 $20 sleeping bags, that would be enough for the time being.

Let me get this straight, the Occupy Wall St. movement is not experiencing an outpouring of generosity.  The mission is "that the American way is to help one another succeed."  But that's not what they're experiencing, is it?

I don't know how these people are so dumb.  Really.

I'm thinking they should have fleshed out their plan.