Monday, June 28, 2010


Jack Jack is going to be a big brother! Yep, that's right. The Erik's are expecting another Little Willy.

I can imagine you have a ton of questions. I will attempt to anticipate your questions.

1. Yes, I do know how "this" happens.
2. No, I did not drink the "water" nor will I "stay away from it".
3. Also, while we are excited, no this was not "planned".

This has taken us all by surprise. Originally I was on the four-kids wagon, but there was no real peace. I kept thinking I needed to do it. And then I realized that I was trying to control the size of my family rather than trusting God. I finally got to a place where I trusted God with the size. God was telling me to give up the four-kids thing. We were done having kids.

But, oh, no, I must have misunderstood the Lord. He was asking me to trust him. Not that He wasn't going to bless us with more children.

Four pregnancy tests later, and I'm pretty convinced that I'm pregnant, due mid-to late February.

And yes, we will be done after this. I know it may not be a good idea to make that decision while pregnant, but honestly, I think four is going to do it for us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ode to Oreos

Lately it seems like I can't form coherent and meaningful thoughts. And it's with everyone. I was trying to tell Erik that my exercise videos were not sharing into the Media Center and I couldn't come up with the word for videos. I was like, "you know, the things." over and over. I'm surprised he stayed around to figure out what I was talking about.

All of this has lead to me having a bit of a blogging back-up. And I'm thinking a blogging laxative is what I need. (Funny, huh? I just came up with that myself!)

My friend Kim told me last week not to sweat the whole no-dairy thing and just give Mati Oreos for desserts. That's what one of her friends does, and it works pretty well. So, on Friday at a birthday party I gave Mati some Oreos. She was pretty happy. Now, here's the problem. I'm kind of addicted to Oreos, especially the Double Stuft and Cakesters variety. But oh well! We are eating Oreos in the Wilhelmsen house this week!

Why so many Oreos? Because Erik left for Africa. He's going to be gone for 12 days helping a mission's school get set up with a local network, trying to get internet access to the school, and training some of the missionaries on general networking and troubleshooting tasks. And having listed all of that, I have no idea how he is going to get it all done in only 12 days. But I will pray for him and I know that God will accomplish more through him this week than I can even imagine.

Can you hear the pride in my voice? I'm overwhelmed at Erik's courage to go somewhere so foreign and give so much of himself for the Body of Christ. I'm excited to hear the stories; and I pray he will find something edible and palatable.

So, back to the Oreos. Reagan last night was lamenting about Erik leaving and I was trying to cheer her up by telling her all the fun things we'll get to do. And she still wasn't all the cheered. So I mentioned that we could eat Oreos every night until he comes home. And you know what? She was immediately happy! That is my girl! We can always find the bright side when food is involved. Food is nourishment for the soul. Isn't that a Proverb?

In the meantime, as the girls & I are shoveling Oreos, I'm wondering in the back of my head how it is that Oreo, with a creme filling, doesn't have milk. Troubling, to say the least. But oh well! I don't know how they can make a delicious cookie without dairy, but they have. And I love those cookies. And yes I realize that this is contradiction from my last post, but hey, we've all got to cope in some way.

I heart the Oreo! Bon voyage, Erik. I miss you already.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cow's Milk

It has been an interesting few weeks for us here in the Wilhelmsen house. We have had some dietary revelations in regards to Jack & Mati. Jack has been put on a hypoallergenic formula (no dairy) and after a blood test has revealed a slight milk-allergy for Mati, the doctor asked us to put her on a dairy-free diet.

This has lead me to wonder if perhaps we all need to go dairy-free. And this has not been a fun thought, to say the least.

Perhaps Reagan needs to be on a dairy-free diet, although she's not having any physical symptoms. And Erik does already have a lactose aversion, which he controls with acid reducer pills.

Well, this has all lead a larger questions: Is cow's milk all that good for us? I admit that I drink a fair amount of cow's milk products. I use half & half in my coffee daily. I love cheese. I love butter. So, the idea of living a dairy-free lifestyle is incredibly scary to me. But I have also heard that we are the only mammals to drink another mammals milk. Is that wrong? I don't know if I believe that drinking cow's milk is wrong. But maybe we consume too much of it.

I think we'll probably end up somewhere in the middle. I don't think there is a suitable enough substitute for baking & I love me some cheese!

For the past couple of days I've been attempting to keep all dairy from Mati only to be foiled by Erik giving her things that no-doubt have some sort of dairy in them. So, I don't know if dairy-free is going to happen for us. Thankfully Mati isn't deathly allergic to milk so a muffin every now and then probably won't affect her.

I think the solution for us is going to be along the lines of what Chandra says here. More plants, less meat (including dairy), and if I don't think my great-grandmother would recognize the products in it, don't eat it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day. I can't tell you how happy this has made me.

I think I'll hit Dunkin Doughnuts (free doughnut with purchase of a drink) tomorrow morning. And then make my way over to Krispy Kreme (one free per customer). Overkill? I think not.

(Take that Sesame Street! I'll eat one for you, Cookie Monster!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So, I was putting off working for my dad this morning and I decided to browse through the Flair on Facebook. Succinct sayings on buttons make me happy.

In any case, I was browsing through buttons and I saw a Cookie Monster button where a spread of fruits and veggies are in front of him and he says, "What is this crap?" And it reminded me of Jack's diapers.

On the Pampers diapers that my son is currently wearing Cookie Monster is on there and he's eating fruit. FRUIT! Apples, Bananas, Grapes, etc. What in the world? Why take away the cookie from Cookie Monster? It's like Sesame Street can't be seen to encourage kids to eat a damn cookie!

I think this whole sugar-phobia has gone too far. Cookie Monster likes cookies. Why take that away?