Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adios Mr. President

I will miss George W. Bush. I know, how very unpopular of me.

In any case, he was the exact right man for the War on Terror. He pursued those terrorists without worrying about public opinion, which is exactly what he should have done. We are a safer nation because of him. We have stricter security measures because of him. More people in the world are FREE because he had the guts to go in and route out terrorists. History will get this right and he will be recognized as one of the most influential presidents of this country.

He also cut taxes, which for me has been huge.

I was not a fan of all his policies. I'm more of a hardliner on immigration and spending than he was. But I can forgive him that because he never changed. I was under no illusions about his stance on immigration when he was elected. He never changed his mind. He never wavered. He never took a poll to determine whether or not a policy is a good idea. I don't fault him that. I hope I am as consistent.

Furthermore, no matter what shots the media took, he stayed above it. Never engaging their crassness, whether it was about his style or his intellect. As much as I abhor the media, I love President Bush for being strong enough to handle them.

I think he was surrounded by wise people, he made great choices for his cabinet (with the possible exception of Colin Powel and Henry Paulson.) He chose excellent men for the Supreme Court. He broke new ground with the appointments of Condoleezza Rice and Alberto Gonzales. He is brave. He is fun. He loves his family.

So, I will miss President Bush. I will miss his humor, his resolve, and his integrity.


Mrs. Miller said...

Me too.

The Maid said...

I will miss him too.

And I remember him pointing out a reporter to Dick Cheney and whispering (with his mic on) that "that guy is an asshole."

I loved him even more after that! Of course the media condemned him...but I thought it was great! LOL

I appreciated that he may not have been the most polished speaker, but at least you didn't feel like he was doing a bait and switch on you like many other politicians!