Monday, February 23, 2009

In Defense of the Octomom

The public outcry in regards to the Octomom is, and should be for all of us moms, disheartening. I'm not about to try and give defense to her actions directly, but the way she has been treated is disconcerting.

Who is the world to say when a woman should have children? I don't think she made the best decision, but it was hers to make. Not the public's. Not Hollywood's. Not the Media's. The only person who has anything to say about this is God. For it is through Him that we are able to share in the miracle of co-creation. He commands those of us who are married to be fruitful and multiply, the only limitation is whether or not we physically can have children. The problem is that the world has determined that only those who are financially able should have children. Well, that's not what the Bible says, is it? We should all pay attention when social pressures go against the Word. This should cause us Christians to stand up and defend what the Word says about married couples bearing children.

As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” - Genesis 9:7

Furthermore, bearing children is an amazing blessing, unlike any other in this lifetime. While money is tight, at least in our family, God has given blessing upon blessing. I believe that it is when we are stretched, financially and physically, that we are able to fully understand the strength of God. And those encounters leave me changed, humbled, grateful. God has promised:

They will not toil in vain or bear children doomed to misfortune; for they will be a people blessed by the Lord, they and their descendants with them. - Isaiah 65:23

This is God's truth about bearing children. He will provide. He will protect.

The world doesn't care about the souls of the Ocotmom's children. They care about whether or not those children will be a drain on our "precious" resources, or if the mom can "afford" to raise them, or have a "big enough" house. Those things pale in comparison to the responsibility of raising loving, responsible, and independent persons. The important values don't cost a dime to teach.

Let me be clear. I think children should be raised in a two parent (husband and wife) household, as God has designed it. I don't think the Octomom exercised wisdom when she went for the in vitro procedure.

But I don't think she's deserves the world's contempt.

*I have attempted to not come across as judgmental to those of my readers who've decided not to have children. This was not my intention. I believe what the Bible says, however, and I take it seriously. The Word has a funny habit of stepping on toes, doesn't it?


chandy said...

Hmmm...I agree that she doesn't deserve the world's contempt anymore than the rest of us do. She definitely deserves the contempt of God, as we all do of course, because what she did was sinful. I also believe that her doctor was complicit in this sin, and should not have agreed to performing the procedure. I hope that she will repent for this and trust in Christ for her salvation. I believe that is the only hope for her poor children. I feel very badly for them.

Jessie said...

While I do agree with you regarding her personal decisions (also the Dr.'s.-there's an ethics breach in there definitely!), I believe what is coming to light in this whole discussion is the World's contempt for those of us who choose life rather than convenience.

That's my point. I sure do wish I was a better writer.

chandy said...

Totally agree...I've heard some of the most despicable comments you can imagine (along the lines of how she should have aborted some of the babies) and I can totally understand coming to her defense. There is definitely no excuse for such hatefulness toward her (there's a reason, of course... just no excuse!)

And you're a terrific writer! Your posts are among my favorites :)

The Maid said...

Chandy, and Jessie...can you clarify for either or both of you consider in vitro fertilization a sin?

I'm just curious...which sin you were referring to.

:) The Maid
(I'm not being contrary...I really was curious about your standpoint here.)