Monday, March 29, 2010

My Problems With The Healthcare Takeover

I have some major issues and concerns with this so-called Healthcare Legislation. There are too many to articulate in one post, however. So, I'm going to spend the next several posts detailing my thoughts.

My first issue with this legislative act is that it was done behind closed doors with almost no knowledge of exactly what is in the final bill. I have never seen (nor have any knowledge of) such blatant disregard for the people's will. The people overwhelmingly didn't want this. And then to make deals for votes, it's called earmark spending and bribes, which if you'll remember Obama campaigned on stopping.

We don't know everything in this bill. And they rushed it through on a Sunday night so we wouldn't find out! We're still finding crap, and it passed a week ago. (I told you I was having a hard time articulating...). Truly, the American people were swindled last week when our representatives voted on this bill.

Honestly, if the debate process had been allowed to go on, and still the representatives voted on it, I would respect it. Elections have consequences. But Pelosi railroaded this through. And we'll be paying for it from here to eternity.

A tie for my biggest issue with this bill is the lies the Democrat party told to attempt to convince us Americans to get behind this bill. This bill is not revenue neutral. It will put us in irreversible debt. This bill will restrict people's access to medical care. It has to! There is not an unlimited supply of doctors, medicines, hospitals, etc. And once the government forces the doctors to accept even less money (Medicare currently pays 33% of all charges-it's going down to 21%!), doctors won't even want to practice! Who would? They'll have even less say about treatments for far less money.

Furthermore, it is despicable how the Liberals have demonized the insurance companies and doctors. They are no more the enemy than your grocery store. They sell a product, and people pay for it. If government would get out of the way, the market forces would drive down costs naturally, not an imposed ceiling (i.e. rent-control in New York City).

Why should doctors stay in business? Why should they accept Medicare? I predict there will be a mass exodus from the medical field in about 5 years, when most insurance companies will be out of business because of the excessive coverages mandated.

There are just a few things that would drastically remake the health insurance business and protect everyone.
1. Eliminate state mandates for coverage. If you don't want to pay for prostate coverage, you don't have to. Like on car insurance whether you have rental car coverage.
2. Allow companies to compete across state lines.
3. Impose a "Loser Pays" system in all tort cases. (This will drive costs down.)
4. The only mandate the federal government should impose is a protection for pre-existing conditions.

That's how I would have done it. And the only people who are pro-market in this fight are the Republicans.


chandy said...

I'm glad you were able to piece together some of you thoughts into a post. I enjoyed reading it. Obviously, you know I agree with you.

I find it very easy to get discouraged and feel hopeless, but I suppose I am glad that this is one of the bigger challenges facing our country right now. (You know how I love perspective...)
Keep writing! When you're ready to begin your political career, you'll have my support!

Kristi said...

I feel a little guilty that we pressured you to make a post, but I'm glad you did (though I'm not sure what 'tort cases' are). I actually thought the bill was available online somewhere--I mean, at one point I saw the legislators waving around these big white books (which looked like telephone books). Not that I had ANY inclination to read it, I just assumed it was available...wrong assumption!

I'm with Chandy--you totally have my support!