Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Total Breakdown

Yesterday morning I had the day that I hope never repeats itself. It was Reagan's sixth birthday and also her first day of first grade. Kind of a big day. I don't think I realized the enormity of the day until way after when a friend called to check on me. It started pretty rough and by 8 am, I had had it.

I woke up at 1:45 am, yep, in the morning, and couldn't go back to sleep. That's a pretty typical pregnancy characteristic for me. But usually I can go back to sleep after an hour or two. But yesterday, no such luck. I finally gave up, turned on Veronica Mars and ate a bowl of cereal at about 4 am.

In the midst of being awake for all that time I thought, "You know, maybe I should read my Bible. Do a good quiet time to get this momentous day started." But I was kind of being passive-aggressive with the Lord and was like, "You have the power to make me fall asleep, but you're not, so I'm not going to spend my time with you right now. No offense."

I probably made the wrong choice cause then I had to do the whole morning thing with the family. I made pancakes for Reagan's birthday breakfast, had to pack her lunch (please, no suggestions about making the lunch the evening before!), get her ready and psyched up for her first day of school (she, unlike me, doesn't quite love school yet.)

And then I pulled into the line to turn into the school. Holy Toledo. The line was like a mile long. So, yeah, we were late. I didn't get the first day of school picture. Well, I did get a rushed one, but not at her desk. And then I caught my reflection in one of the windows and oh my goodness. I think it's safe to say that I'm carrying twins...in my rear!

And then I did what any 31 year old mom of three+ would do. I broke down. Cried my eyes out.

So, yeah, I guess I should have done the quiet time.


Patti Durham said...

Thanks for your honesty! Man I love you. Please tell Reagan Happy Birthday from us. I've got a card for her... hopefully I can get it in the mail in the near future:o)

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Oh girlfriend, I wish I would have been the smart friend to call and check on you yesterday.

The night-before-the-first-day-of-Kindergarten last year was that bad for me. I was in tears after barking at the kids to do this and that before bed, which bedtime was an hour after I'd hoped it would be before Ryan's first day...such a disaster.

I will NOT be making that same mistake this year. Even though it's Kaylin's birthday, we're getting to bed at a decent hour!!!

Andrea said...

Oh Jess! I am so sorry you had such a rough day! I have done that with my quiet time too and God usually makes sure I realize my error quickly. :) I also hate packing lunches in the morning, but don't want to pack them the night before. If I am really tired, 1 gets and uncrustable and I beg the other to eat hot lunch (good parenting, I know.) And, Dawson doesn't just dislike school, he hates it. As a matter of fact, he told the principal and his teacher that to their faces this very afternoon. Good times, my friend, good times!

Heather said...

Hugs my friend. What a big day in itself, but then add pregnancy and insomnia on top of that...

I almost called you on Monday and now I'm kicking myself... Should have listened to that nudge. :\

Thankfully, there are new mercies each morning. I'm so thankful for that when I have horrific days like you just had...

Kristi said...

Yea...posts like this remind me to love and appreciate my single life that much more. :)

Thanks for speaking truth and for reminding us of our own accountability to our walk with the Lord.

Love you girl!

D.L. White said...

Sorry I'm a little late to the commenting here, but I hope things have been going better for you since the month has progressed, and you've been able to get into a routine with your kiddos. Insomnia is a drag (speaking from my own isolated experiences of it) - I can't imagine having to deal with that AND all the "fun" that comes with being pregnant AND having to wrangle a bunch of little ones. Hang in there! And thanks for the reminder, about quiet time with God. I tend to willfully neglect that sometimes too, to my own detriment.