Thursday, October 7, 2010


I don't have anything really burning to discuss, but I am trying to nurture this blog so I thought I better post.

1. I have finally figured out the secret to chopping basil. I figured it out last week while chopping endlessly (imagine Julie Child with the onions in "Julie/Julia"). A website I found while researching storage ideas for basil recommended using the salad spinner for washing the herb. I did use that and that was great for drying it. Anyways, that's the key to chopping herbs-they have to be dry! I'm never patient enough for the herbs to be dry but that's the trick that works for me. So, after the salad spinner I laid them out on a cooling rack and let them dry. And then I went to work chopping. Also, I found that using a non-serrated edge knife worked best for chopping. The serrated edge keeps the herb in the grooves. Therefore I used a sharp straight edge knife.

2. My granny just got a facebook page! She's like 80-ish! So cool.

3. I have given up "Glee". Again. I gave it up last year because it conflicted with "Lost". This year I wanted to give it another shot. But Tuesday's episode in conjunction with what I read in Isaiah this week finally convinced me that I am not better with "Glee" in my life. And the fact that I did not watch the show in front of my children was just not enough for me to continue watching it myself. It's probably a good rule to have for my life; if I can't watch it with my kids I probably shouldn't watch it at all.

4. We are studying the Book of Isaiah this year in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Despite it being written seriously forever ago, it is still so relevant to us today. Which is why when I read Isaiah 5:20, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." I could not continue to call "Glee" good or harmless. And it's really hard because I love the music, I love chorus music and I love dancing! But it was wrapped in a moral relativist package that I just can't support anymore with my time.

5. Today I got so excited about having another baby. And what a huge relief that was! It has been so up and down for me, but having another baby and especially another son for my Jack Jack to play with, well, it's an honor. The Lord has seen fit to bless us, and I'm no longer complaining, I'm excited!

6. Of course the pregnancy is made easier with not knowing my weight. When I go to the Dr., I turn around so that I don't see the numbers. Because I am not a number, darn it! Also, I know what numbers do to my mental state. I see this action as a protection of my weak side. Part of me wonders if perhaps I'm in denial with not wanting to deal with the reality of my weight, but since I have to support this baby with my nutrition I kind of don't want to know what it's doing on the scale. There will be a time to deal with it, and that time is in March, after the baby and when I can have a nice glass of wine to help soften the blow.


Erin said...

Do you roll your basil before chopping? Leanne taught me that trick and I love it! Made my life easier- hopefully she taught you that trick too :)

Heather said...

I hear you on #3... We started watching V last year and I had to stop. :( But I guess I'm glad it went downhill before I got too hooked.

Loved reading your ramblings...

chandy said...

I would like to discuss Glee with you and hear your thoughts more in-depth. I had never watched the show before, but watched the season 2 premiere the other night. I really enjoyed the music and I think that actress that plays the cheerleading coach is very funny. But I want to hear more of what you think before I get sucked in. What I saw in that one episode certainly seemed to have some bad parts, but I didn't notice anything worse than what is on every other tv show. (Maybe that's why I don't really watch TV!)

April said...

Jess you are a beautiful, amazing woman. You are not a number and your weight doesn't define you. You look gorgeous! I don't want to hear anymore of this nonsense about how you look. Your husband adores you, I worship you, your children are lucky to have you. That is all that matters. The end. :)

D.L. White said...

You know how much I *love* musicals, so I wasn't ever interested in watching "Glee", but the show was getting so much buzz, I decided to try it out and catch an episode. It could be just luck of the draw, but the one episode I watched was awfully vulgar as far as subject matter and content, which surprised me.

It's a shame that a fun idea, with music that people enjoy, is ruined with base content. I'm sorry you had to stop watching it, but I'm proud of you for being critical and thoughtful about your decisions. :)