Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Alive...Barely

A few of you have expressed some desire for updates and pictures. And a few of you want to know what I think about what's going on in the world.

So, I'm going to try and do both in one post because who knows when I'll sit down to do it again, right?

Declan is 12 weeks old. He's sleeping 9 hours straight at night which is BEAUTIFUL.

Jack is 19 months and I have put him back on milk under the advise of my doctor. She was concerned about his lack of growth; he's off the charts on the low side. I mentioned that it's quite difficult to feed him since he's allergic to everything. She asked, "What's the reaction to milk?" I told her he gets constipated. She said, "I'd rather treat the constipation and you give him milk." Seems so simple and yet, it was such a relief! No more keeping butter out of things, no more skipping cheese. She told me to give him two Pediasures a day to start with. Then when Erik and I were talking about it, we decided we would just put him on milk and Pediasure. Wouldn't you know it, but his appetite has increased ten-fold. It was like the poor kid wasn't getting enough calories so his body just adjusted down. I feel terrible writing this, but I honestly was doing what the specialist had told us to do. We are very pleased with how Jack is doing. And so far, no constipation! It's wonderful!

Mati and Reagan are doing great considering the huge changes going on in their lives. Two babies in two years has certainly thrown all us, not the least the girls. We are working through lack of focus, highly emotional outbursts, and general disobedience. I know those are all things we would be working through anyways, but they seem a bit more pronounced. And Reagan's teacher mentioned the emotional outbursts, so those are happening all over... :) Over all, they LOVE their little brothers and I'm so blessed by how much love the girls have.

Furthermore, I know it's taken a while, but I'm so happy that God gave me the boys so close together. I'm so glad that He knows me better than I do. Now if I can just get better at the response to people who say, "Wow, you have your hands full!" Something about that comment makes me feel a little guilty, a little irresponsible. I know we didn't purposefully try for Declan, but God brought him around according to His timing. How great that I didn't have to make that decision! How wonderful to be in a place of total trust in Him!

On to other news:
1. Osama Bin Laden is dead! Wow. We are told not to rejoice in the downfall of our enemies, so I'm going with that. There is no joy in the eternal damnation of a soul. But God will have justice, and that's what I can take delight in. God is Just. And it's humbling to be shown that God will exact His revenge on His enemies in His time.

2. Not raising the debt ceiling of the federal government will not mean disaster for the U.S. And we should not raise the ceiling anyways. How about we don't spend money we don't have? I know that's a difficult concept because of what it means for social programs, but we have got to be willing to make serious changes to the status quo.

3. I am getting so excited about the election next year. Does it seem like Obama's been in office forever? This has been the longest two years of my life! And it's only gotten harder. Here's to $4 a gallon gasoline and grocery prices going up, up, up. And why is NO ONE riding Obama like the MSM did with Bush before the 2008 election? I'll tell you why, the liberals rejoice with these kind of fuel prices. It means less travel, less freedom, more debt cause everything else is more expensive. Debt is a form of slavery, you know.

4. Back to the upcoming election: I'm paying special attention to Herman Cain (successful business man), Tim Pawlenty, and my dark horse because I don't think he's running, Bobby Jindal. Bobby Jindal just released his birth certificate so that makes me think he may be considering a run. He's my favorite and I hope he runs.

Are you excited too?


Mrs. Miller said...

You CRACK ME UP!!!!! You have four little kids (the last two are basically Irish twins) and yet you are still following current events!! You are Super Mom!!! :-)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

loved EVERYTHING about this post. I'm so glad your Jack can have milk and that he is responding so well.

And as always, I love to hear your commentary on current events. Sadly, that is something that I don't keep up enough on these days...

chandy said...

Look at you juggling babies, blogging, and politics all at once! It's good to get an update and hear how you are doing once in awhile!

Ashley Bartley said...

I love when you blog... you should do it more often! :)

Meli_Mama said...

I've learned to reply with a smile "Yes both of them" when people comment that I have my hands full. You are producing God loving children who will someday change the world for the better. What's wrong with that? My two boys are 15 months apart. Now at 5 and 4 they are each others best friend. I love how close they are in age and how well they play together. Well most of the time. :)