Friday, November 16, 2012

Microwave Kettle Corn-Butter Free!

I have come up with a delicious, microwavable kettle corn.  And it doesn't use butter!

  1. In a glass bowl, melt a scant tablespoon of Coconut Oil in the microwave.  I cooked it for one minute.  I think this is one of the tricks to pop corn.  Hot Oil helps keep the kernels from drying out.  I read that somewhere.
  2. Once melted, stir in a heaping tablespoon of Sugar and stir, trying to dissolve.  It probably won't, but at least get it nice and mixed.
  3. Add a dash of salt.
  4. Then add in about a quarter cup of pop corn.  Stir that all together to coat the kernels.
  5. Microwave, COVERED, on high for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, or until the kernels are popping more than one second apart.  I use one of those microwave plate covers over my Pyrex bowl.
  6. If you see steam rising from the vents of the plate cover, your sugar is burning.  STOP THE MICROWAVE IMMEDIATELY!  Or you will end up with burnt sugar smell all over the neighborhood.  And when someone comes to the door, like some poor unsuspecting Postal Worker to deliver a registered letter, he will ask, "Did someone burn sugar?"  And you will nod and admit that yes, you did.  And he will say, "Yeah, you can smell it all over the neighborhood."  And you will be embarrassed.  As if wasting the oil, sugar and corn kernels wasn't already frustrating, but now you'll be embarrassed.  Watch your corn!
  7. Immediately dump the corn into another bowl to slow the caramelizing process of the sugar.
  8. Feed to your family.  Unless of course, like mine, they don't like the same snacks two days in a row or they tasted the Kettle Corn Seasoning and realize that homemade food doesn't taste as good as the store food.  But whatever, more for me, I mean, you.
  9. Wash your bowl before making another batch.  Burnt sugar, people!  Burnt sugar, BAD!
Helpful Hints:

I tried shaking up the bowl halfway between the cooking cycle and that was actually a good idea.  The majority of kernels popped up and the shaking helped the sugar distribute.

To clean up the bowl do not, I repeat, DO NOT soak the bowl in water.  It will seize the sugar and become much more difficult to clean off.  I recommend using a nylon scraper to scrap off the minimally (hopefully) sticky sugar on the bottom of the bowl.  Once you've removed the cooked stuff, wash with soap and water. And Voila! Clean glass bowl ready for the next round!

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