Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reagan & I go to the movies-First Time!

I took Reagan to a movie today. We saw "Curious George". This was her first time to the movies. She did pretty good. We went potty before the movie started, but after chugging her drink to wash down the mountain of popcorn, she needed to go to the bathroom before the movie was entirely over. And then she had a total meltdown because she a) didn't get to say good-bye to her friend, Ryan, and b) had to walk to the car. I learned a couple of things from this first visit.

1. Make sure your child wears comfortable shoes.
Why? Well, although the theater is designed for sitting, it does require a bit of walking from the parking lot. And then all that walking/running down the aisle and stairs and the trips to the bathroom and then back to the car, well, let's just say, comfortable shoes would have been a good forethought. Although I understand the importance of dressing for fashion, Regan's not quite that accepting yet. Actually, I should have realized that her shoes didn't even fit! Let alone were they comfortable. Let this be a lesson for all of us parents.

2. Bring snacks, and stick with them.
I knew I didn't want to buy the popcorn, but when my friend's mom gave Reagan some of hers, I didn't have the heart to say no. However, I should have either rejected the nice offer, or rationed out the popcorn. I missed the ending to the adorable movie because of another trip to the restroom. Oh well, parenting is all about sacrifice.

Those are really my two rules to live by when going out to a movie. We will be going to movies every Tuesday for the next 9 weeks. This should be a fun summer!

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chandy said...

So do you guys bring the babies too? How do you keep them occupied? We go on Wednesday mornings, and Elliot loves it, but Ethan only wants to climb the stairs. He isn't the least bit interested in holding still!