Friday, May 18, 2007


So, blogging is in. I've signed up for a myspace page, but I guess that's just not good enough. I don't really spend enough time in myspace to make it worth doing the blog thing there. Besides, I like Blogger. It's very easy and I can keep it separate from my page on myspace-should I desire some anonymity.

Blogging is what I need. At least that is what a good friend of mine told me yesterday. She said she would read my blog to see what I'm thinking about certain issues. I thought she had a point. I have been blessed with a passionate disposition, and in order to avoid ticking off every friend I have, a nuetral place to post my opinions is a good idea.

This is my main reason for blogging. I have extremely hard-core views and don't believe that I should abstain from having them. I am looking forward to having a place where I can get things off my chest!

Welcome friends and searchers, alike.

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Erik said...

Glad to see your Blogging away. Even though I have tried a few times I hope this one sticks to the wall. If you post it I will read it.