Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures

So, maybe you can tell by the picture on the right that we had our pictures made earlier this month for Christmas cards. Well, the intention is to put them on Christmas Cards, but since I've never successfully sent out Christmas cards in the seven years that I have been married, I am not holding my breath.

Anyways, as you can guess, the girls were in poor form that morning. I tried to do everything to ensure a good family portrait. I had the shoot in the morning. I gave them jelly beans for posing. But soon they got sick of jelly beans and didn't want to smile or laugh at my sister-in-laws songs.

Once again I have vowed never to have family portraits done until the girls are graduated from high school. It's just too darn stressful. Of course, we then had a whole family portrait made over Thanksgiving. Man alive, it was horrible. I'm telling you, if you don't have kids, think over the idea of pictures before having them. Just be ready to not get the shot you want. Or to compromise (Well, at least Reagan is looking at the camera, even if she won't remover her fingers from her mouth...)

My sister-in-law is an angel. She takes great pictures and tries to make it fun for everyone. But I still get stressed and angry. (Something about not meeting expectations, gets my blood boiling...)

And the girls are growing so quickly. So, for that reason alone I will keep having pictures made. And someday, when they have kids of their own and lament to me about a poor shoot, I will just smile and nod.


chandy said...

Your picture turned out very cute! I actually tried something different this year...I did our photo shoot at night right after baths and before bed. They were both in great moods and totally cooperative! That's pretty weird for my kids!

Heather said...

that has been a long-standing Christmas tradition with my family - everyone uptight and trying to get the perfect picture. Sadly, the trouble didn't end with age. Instead of just throwing tantrum, each person has their own design for what the picture should look like and isn't afraid to voice that opinion. Now adding two toddlers to the mix has made it more interesting since when they lose it, there's no choice, but to be done...

RooseFam said...

All I can do is laugh...out loud. I remember a similar vow that I made last year. Oh, the pain I go through for a decent picture. I really need to get PhotoShop and create my own perfect picture.