Monday, January 14, 2008

The Boys in Blue

Yesterday was a tense day in the Wilhemlsen house. As you may know the Dallas Cowboys played the NY Giants in the playoffs yesterday. I am an ardent Cowboys fan, always have been always will be, and Erik is an Anybody-but-the-Cowboys fan (mainly the Redskins and the Cardinals-poor guy.) So, you can imagine how much Erik was looking forward to the Giants knocking off the Cowboys. And vice-versa for myself.

The Cowboys lost. The Giants won. I can't stand the Giants.

It's hard for me not to completely blame Jessica Simpson, since as a woman I know how much sway we have over men's concentrations (okay, not all that much.) And a lot of people are going to be analyzing their relationship and whether or not it had an effect on his game. I do not want to be one of those people, but DARN IT! I wanted the 'Boys to WIN! And they didn't. And since the only other person to blame is Tony Romo, I'll just blame Jessica.

Oh well, at least Erik gave me the thumbs-up to making meatloaf for dinner. It's one of my favorite comfort foods and this is one of the best recipes. So at least I ate well.


RooseFam said...

I am lovin' your new link obsession! I learned a little something about Jessica Simpson, have a new meatloaf recipe to try, read about blog trafficking this weekend...

I must say I completely agree. The K-State quarterback decided it would be more beneficial to flirt than to go to bed early the night before the Fiesta Bowl back in 2003and spent the pre-game morning fighting media attention for an attempted rape charge. Who knows what really happened in his room that night (there was obvious buzz that it was a set up by the other team), but I DO know that nothing would have happened had he gone to bed early!!!!! And they lost the game because he played TERRIBLY. I would too if I was facing a serious sexual assault charge, I supppose. I went to the game and completely wasted my night. I did get to chant the K-State fight song with my fellow people, though. That was pretty fun!

chandy said...

I'm like the most un-sports person ever (that's an adjective, right?). But I will sheepishly admit to TIVOing that show about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (and watching it with Elliot no less! What role models!)