Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Shoes

Do you remember the Easter shoes you would get especially for the church service you were going to attend? I used to get a new pair of dress shoes every Easter, and they were typically patent leather, sandals, and once Easter was over, I would have a new pair of shoes.

Well, unfortunately, now that I have my own children, I can only afford to get them new Easter shoes. However, if I was going to splurge a little on myself, in total appreciation of the gift of everlasting life, I would buy these.

Of course, I think Jesus would approve. Don't you?


ERIN said...

JDubb, you are AWESOME!!! HA!!! LOVE IT!!! Aaaawwww... the memories...

Do you think He would want you to buy the matching purse???

chandy said...

I'm detecting an expensive shoe trend in your blog! Let me know if we need to plan some sort of intervention!

But you know, the girls are only going to outgrow their shoes in a couple of months...You could wear those for years! ;)

bbunch said...

LOVE the shoes! As a girl, I even owned a pair of "pink" shoes that were an Easter gift from my Nana! Not quite like these but certainly the same "pinkness". You are a woman after my own heart. And just so you know I'm not some crazed internet stalker, its Shel from your table at 2hto! ;)