Friday, June 6, 2008


Yes, I did just see "Sex and the City" last night. Don't judge me.

It was better than I thought. Of course, I've been watching SATC on TBS, so much of the sex and curse words are all edited, therefore the movie was shocking to say the least. I actually covered my eyes.

So, the story was better than I anticipated, like I mentioned above. A little drama that would have taken an entire season to unravel was fun to watch on the big screen. And they incorporated all four girls' stories pretty well I thought. It's kind of tough to make a movie with four main characters (well, relatively main as Carrie has always been the center) because it could take so long to develop the stories. But, I thought it was well done and will leave SATC fans pretty satisfied. At least I was.

Now the fashion, oh my! Once again, Carrie blows us all away with her taking runway looks to the street, but the character always pulls it off. Not a huge fan of the gladiator sandals, but the blue Manolo's were TO DIE FOR! Aren't they beautiful? And so romantic... Who wouldn't love a $1000 shoe for a engagment gift? I mean, cheaper than the ring, right. Of course, I'm sitting here wondering if I would trade my diamond for shoes, and the answer is decidedly 'no'. My girls would traipse around the house in these for sure and probably even gnaw off the buckle. C'est la vie.

Back to the movie, I actually think the movie had some good points regarding marriage. It touched on an issue that I find incredibly important. In the movie, ****Spoiler Alert!**** Carrie and Big decide to buy a home. Except, Big buys the home for them. Technically, the home is in Big's name. Miranda asks Carrie to consider what would happen should they break up? Carrie would be homeless with no assets. The thing is, until this point, Carrie was fine with living with Big. It was until the security question comes up that she's willing to broach the topic with Big.

My point is that marriage really is an incredibly important thing for women. The institution protects women. That message gets all skewed now because women are supposed to be able to support themselves, have their own jobs, their own security. But what is missed is that marriage really helps women out. And they are selling themselves short by "shacking up".

Also, the movie pointed out that marriage is worth working on. ***Spoiler*** Miranda and Steve go thru a hard time, but they work it out. I would have liked to see Miranda actually realize that she was as much to blame for the problems, instead of just having the responsibility to forgive Steve. It didn't go far enough there, in my humble opinion.

Love Charlotte.

Samantha. Poor Samantha. There was something so disturbing about watching a 50-ish woman still wanting the promiscuous lifestyle she left behind for the man she loved. And yes, that's right, she choose herself. Typical Samantha. I bet she has every STD in the book.

Overall, I would buy this movie if they made it into an edited form. As it stands right now, there is no way I'll ever own this movie. Of course, this movie edited, what would be left? I guess fashion! :) Always a good thing.


April said...

I loved it too. I could have done without the shlong shot, but I had watched the unedited version on HBO since the beginning so I knew what I was in for.

I loved the fashion too, although I never would have thought of wearing a dead bird on my head with my wedding dress. And I ask you this Jess, who - WHO - goes to bed wearing pearls??? Come on!

But the most important part of it for me was the story about the depths of female friendships. I have friends like those women. I have been a friend like they were with each other. How fortunate we are as women to experience that. I really don't think it's the same for men. I can't wait to see it again. Judge away readers.

Jessie said...

Excellent point about the friendships. I couldn't believe it, but I actually found myself tearing up in parts when the evidence of these friendships was especially moving. What a huge blessing it is to have friends with whom there are no secrets.

I too have a good number of friends like that. And I have to remind myself to be honest them, unfortunately. It takes effort to reach the intimacy that the SATC ladies exhibit.

Didn't you absolutely love Charlotte's face when Big tries to go to Carrie and Charlotte stops him dead in his tracks with a look? And then she waddles away into the limo? Touching and funny. Great movie. I found myself so totally agreeing with Charlotte. What lengths wouldn't I go to in order to protect my dear friends, even from those they love?

April said...

Yes!! That was one of my favorite parts. Love Charlotte!

And I loved that part where Samantha is spoon feeding Carrie. I may be a total movie dork, but I really felt that scene was saying so much. It was ridiculous that a grown woman was spoon feeding a grown woman, yet sometimes life is ridiculous like that. And it totally said a lot about Samantha and her role in Carrie's life and vice versa. I really loved that whole scene and found it so touching.

It does take effort to be so real with people. But in the end, it is so worth it. I would totally spoon feed you if you needed it girl!

Katie said...

LOL! Your kids gnawing off the buckle of the shoe...I'm still smiling at that.

Having never seen the show, I wasn't dying to see the movie, but now I'm intrigued. But thanks for the warning...I'll wait for the movie to come out on tv. The swearing and nudity are too much for my eyes anymore. And my spirit. I've become proudly sheltered...

Branching off of your comments with April: LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!!!

Becky said...

"I would have liked to see Miranda actually realize that she was as much to blame for the problems, instead of just having the responsibility to forgive Steve."

I believe that they ultimately showed that Miranda was as much to blame for the problems...I just wouldn't agree that (and I don't think this is what you were saying) that Miranda should share the blame in the adultery.

It is NEVER the fault of the betrayed that this happened to them. The adulterer always has the choice to find another way to work it out or to get out before I would never want to make a victim of adultery feel as if it was their fault in any way. I think that would be an oversimplification and survivors of adultery already have enough guilt! :)

So...also my humble opinion...but there you have it.

I agree with Katie...the swearing (excessive amounts of it) and the nudity are too much for me sometimes. I rarely see R movies...this one could have been just as good with leaving more to the imagination. And don't you think it would have sold more tickets if it were PG13?

Oh well, guess I am just old-fashioned.

The Maid

Jessie said...

Becky, you are right that I was not suggesting that Miranda was to blame for the actual adultery.

However, I do think she deserved to take some responsibility for letting her marriage get to that point. She witheld both physically and emotionally, and Steve let temptation get the best of him. Imho, I think both parties were equally responsible.

Sure, Miranda was victimized. And I'm so happy that she decided to work through it. She turned victimhood on its head!

Becky said...

It was good to see Hollywood take a secular couple and reconcile something as "big" as adultery.

I think too often they lean the other way.

I have seen 5 couples that we knew fairly well go through adultery and divorce in the last two years...and it is heartbreaking.

I wish there was more support for that issue in churches...but I think it is just a taboo thing that people don't talk about.

Anyhoo...again I am rambling...but I enjoyed your take on the movie.

And I agree with everyone who loved Charlotte....what a great "look" she can give when she needs to...and the "I curse the day you were born" was hilarious.

We all think those things but don't dare say them.