Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm in the McCain Camp

I have finally decided that John McCain is my candidate. Yep, I'm a McCain Girl. Wow, I didn't think I ever would be, but here it is, August 19th and I'm in the McCain camp.

Of course this means that I will be tirelessly working on my friends to join me in voting the GOP ticket. Now I am excited about John McCain. Before I was like, well, of course I'm voting Republican, how can I not? Oh yeah, now I'll be working to convince those around me that McCain is the better pick. The better candidate. The better person for the job.

What, you may ask, is the reason for this change in my level of interest? Well, it was the informal debate at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren. This is where McCain got me. I know it could be contrived; I am not naive. But McCain's answers were heartfelt and meaningful whereas Obama's answers were long-winded and philosophically void.

I found the question about the toughest moral dilemma the most telling. While Obama spoke of his personal experimentation with drugs and drinking McCain discussed his decision to stay in captivity when given the opportunity to leave while imprisoned in Vietnam. There's just something about the quiet application of the verse "Lay down his life for his friends" that I think McCain gets while Obama only seems to be able to quote it. After all, what is the Bible without personal application? I think McCain gets that and Obama doesn't.


CandidaBell said...

Okay, Jess - just because I like to rock the boat with you when it comes to our individual stances on politics...

When you say "what is the Bible without personal application?" - I feel that Obama's connection to the word of God is truer.

I mean, when it comes to the issue of Senator McCain cheating on/leaving his wife after she was terribly injured/scarred for life in a car accident, and then moving on to the much younger, and by societal standards, more beautiful woman in Cindy McCain - is that something the Bible supports?

McCain may have served his country, and God Bless him for that - he has all my respect for doing something that I could never be brave enough to do.

But when it comes to the ideals of Jesus, and the lessons that are laid out in the Bible, I truly have felt from the first day I heard Obama back in 2004, that he was an inspiration - especially when it came to connecting with faith. I saw him as a man who was learning from his life experiences, putting his family first, and trying to help those who were in need. He found a way to motivate people through their faith, instead of using it as a tool of division, which many candidates have done in the past.

And because I do believe that there should be some division between church & state, that is only part of the reason why I am voting for Obama. I am voting for him mainly because for the first time since I was 18 and able to vote, I finally found a candidate who I truly believe in. Not just a candidate that I am voting for because I can't stand the other guy. This is a man that gets me excited everyday, to think that my son could be born into a hopeful new America. One where our government cares about everyone in the country, not just themselves. One where we are unified and stronger because of our differences instead of divided by race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. A country that is revered by other nations, and respected by all, which is something we have lacked for a very long time.

I could go on, but I'll stop there.
Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on why I am behind OBAMA all the way.

chandy said...

As far as Obama having a true understanding of the ideals of Jesus and the Bible, I think this article sums it up:


McCain also admitted that his greatest moral failure was the failure of his first marriage. I don't think he's making excuses for that.

Anyway, as you can see, I'll sit on the McCain bench with you. I'm just surprised it took you this long!

April said...

I'm on the bench with you too. It took some time to make up mind, but now I am convinced. And I have no doubts. Which his huge for me. Obama is a good man. He is kind and intelligent and an amazing speaker. But popularity and charisma are not enough qualifications to make you a good president. And I don't know why everyone thinks McCain is going to be Bush reincarnated. They are different men, different ideas and different experiences. Should be interesting this November.

Becky said...

Rocking the boat too, I suppose.

To say that Obama is going to be someone who unites us in spite of our differences...well, tell that to the infants he doesn't mind disposing of. Not just aborted fetuses, but live babies subjected to infanticide. Oh yep...he supports it as part of a mothers choice.

And Obama's ideals of Jesus argument...well...you need only to look at the comments that he himself has made in reference to his own "typical white grandmother" or the pastor that he sat under for years being influenced in what amounts to black supremecy.

I think this is a time to be afraid...be very afraid! Many people have been blinded by his youth, his charisma, his neatly wrapped package...and have failed to see that, upon opening, the package is sadly void.

Void of experience, void of moral conviction, and void of substance.

Thanks for letting me speak my peace, and Jess, I guess you can tell by my arguments against Obama that I am with you in the McCain camp. I just pray our nation is wise enough to join us!

God Bless,
The Maid

CandidaBell said...


Being Pro-Choice does not mean Pro-Abortion. Pro-Choice means having the right over your own body, rather than the government telling you what to do with your own body. Obama wants women to be educated about the options surrounding them such as prevention and adoption - and not to use abortion as a method of birth control. What pro-choice means is allowing the family planning agencies to do their jobs through EDUCATION, which is something our current president doesn't believe in, which is why he cut the funding, which is why the rate of abortions in this country still hasn't changed. Obama advocates education about this sensitive women's issue, not just praying that the women of this nation will choose morality - prayers are EMPTY without deeds. You have to start in the home, through education and love, which is another thing Obama stands for. The issue of abortion is not as one-sided as you may think.

As far as his grandmother who "wasn't a believer" - I think he as well as all Christians, myself included, who have loved ones that aren't themselves believers by biblical standards, have only one choice where that's concerned - and that is to pray for their souls when they pass, and hope that God knows what was truly in their hearts. But as far as judging him by the pastor he sat under? Well, that's just not a very Christian thing to do. I have been to a church where I felt close to the pastor but didn't agree with all his methods or his teachings - and I certainly wouldn't want to be judged as an unworthy Christian because of that. And if Rev. Wright preached in the favor of black supremacy, then why do so many white people attend there???

I am certainly not blinded by youth or charisma - I am excited that there is someone who is as upset with the status of this nation as I am, and who is tired of being the laughing stock of this world. I am excited that there is a choice of a candidate who is a positive option after so many years of dissappointment. We have had many leaders with tons of experience under their belt, and look where that has gotten us. A GIGANTIC deficit, more enemies/fewer allies, terrible education system, complete division between parties, races, religions, etc. The list goes on and on.

IN RESPONSE TO CHANDY: I am a Christian, and I don't see any fault in what Obama said about "Christ may not be the only way to Heaven." You have to think about it in context. He obviously believed it for him, that is why he is saved; you and I obviously believed it for us, that is why we are saved; but what about other countries and lands that don't know about the teachings of Christ, and have no exposure to the Bible? Are they not even given a chance, because of their limited access to our Lord? I don't think so? I really couldn't say. I just know that after studying the religions of the world, that there are a lot more similarities than you may think. I mean after all, Jesus was a Jew, and the Jews were the chosen people before there was Christianity, so aren't they guaranteed a spot up there with us?


I know I will never change your minds. My good friend Jessica and I debate about these topics every 4 years (and even in between), and I appreciate everyone's point-of-view. It makes me happy to know that people are paying attention now, because they have seen what happens when they don't, and they just go with the status quo.

As I said before, I am ecstatic about what the future of our country looks like with Obama as our President. What terrifies me is 4 more years of the same crap we have been dealing with for the last 8. And to say that McCain will be different, I see as a little far-fetched. He has agreed with everything Bush has done for the last 8 years. That needs to stop. I think that John McCain is a nice man, and has definitely given back to our country - but I don't think that makes him the better choice. We need something new. Obama is the answer.

Becky said...


First of all, I'm not "judging" Obama as a Christian. You are when you say that you feel that Obama's connection to the word of God is truer.

How can you even ascertain where someone's connection to God lies?

Pro Choice absolutely means pro-abortion. ProLifers advocate choices too...the choice to make a responsible decision when conception has already occurred!
And I was referring more to Obama's stance on infanticide...not abortion...there is plenty of information on the internet if you'd like to research it.

I, of course, have no desire to change your mind.

Your vote is exactly that...yours.

And apparently I struck a nerve with you..when all I was doing was addressing a couple of your statements with my OPINION...which is vastly different than yours...obviously.

Again...I am not "judging" Obama by the pastor he sat under...I am simply including all of the information that I have on the man when I form MY opinion.

That is a very Christian thing to do.

Just like voting my conscience, my morals, my values, and my convicitons...which I will do proudly in November!

Have a lovely day...
The Maid