Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poop Training

I am potty-training Matilyn. Well, actually, she's doing fine for the #1 business. It's the #2 business that is seriously not happening. And actually, it's happening, just not in the potty.

Yesterday, my dear second daughter pooped in her pants. This is nothing new, so I cleaned it up. And since we were having neighbors over for dinner, I didn't bother to put panties on her. (Her dress was long enough and I was busy getting the house together.) Needless to say, the darling then pooped in Reagan's room. Oh yeah. Fun times. Erik went in to check on the girls, and Regan had already gotten a tissue and was starting to clean it up. Isn't that sweet? Erik said, "Reagan, you don't have to clean up Mati's poop." Honestly.

So, I would love some advice on how to help my second daughter succeed in this endeavor of pooping on the potty. Just some details about her, though. First, she's stubborn and not patient. So me getting her on the potty is enough of a battle. I'm having a tough time getting her to stay on the potty long enough to get the poop moving. Second, she's got serious attitude. So, any tips on how to make this funny, even if it's only funny for me would be appreciated.

Thank you.


CandidaBell said...

Does Matilyn have a favorite book? My friend Natalie is currently potty training her 2 year old, and Mia will only go if there is reading material on the countertop, ready to browse through. I am serious. It got her working in no time. May be something to try?

Jessie said...

Yes, something to try. Always willing to try.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

Just don't read her greeting cards...I told you that TO THIS DAY my mom has to poop every time she walks into a Hallmark store, didn't I?