Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NYC Prep

I just wasted the last 45 minutes of my life watching Bravo's NYC Prep-a television show about a group of teenagers living in Manhattan. Seriously, it was kind of awful.

Who has that kind of money? The 16-18 year olds were shopping in Louis Vuitton! If I had that kind of money I think I would insist on my children shopping at Old Navy! There's no way I would fork over that kind of money to my kids.

One girl has a stylist, a voice coach and a producer for her burgeoning music career. Except she hasn't actually been signed by anyone! What in the world.

Needless to say, I'm totally hooked. Of course, this is just to hold me over until The Real Housewives of New Jersey comes back! (Which, what the heck? There's no premiere date! What are they doing to me?)


CandidaBell said...

So is this like the reality version of Gossip Girl? I love that show.

Jessie said...

Yeah, it must be. I've only seen one episode of Gossip Girl, so I can't say for sure.

Charissa @ The Stromski's World said...

Really it's no wonder your my best friend! The housewives of NJ is my fav of all of them!!!
I watched the NYC prep, I am intrigued, but I just want to smack all of those kids plus their parents. Seriously, those seniors, come on. BRATS!!!