Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kindergarten Pick-Up

I have a kindergartner. My Reagan has turned 5 and has entered the world of higher learning. I am so mixed about it. I can not believe how fast the time flew. I guess I thought she would stay 4 forever! I went through all the emotions. From I still have so much to teach her to she's not old enough to do without naps. But the truth is, she is ready. And I can trust God that He will protect her and give me wisdom about her education.

Story Time! I have now entered into the realm of school pick-ups. And let me tell you, ick. Did you know that you can sweat in a parked car while your air conditioning is going full-blast? And did you know that even if you get to the school early enough to not be the last mom to pick up their kinder kid, you will still have to wait in an atrociously long and ridiculously slow line to leave the parking lot? Did I mention that you can sweat in a running, air conditioned car?

So today in the student pick-up line, a woman behind me asked me when I was due. I said October. She said, "Wow! You're so big! I'm due in September." And I said, "Well, look how tall you are! I'm 5'2"." The amazon woman had to have been about 6'3". I'm not kidding. She's as tall as Erik. It turns out I'm only due like two weeks after her. But whatever. Height matters. And you know what, she had chubby ankles. Of course, I have chubby arms. So I guess we're even.

But yeah, kindergarten pick-up! Thankfully I wasn't the last mom to pick up their little darling today (like I was yesterday...). But I have got to figure out a better strategy for getting out of that parking lot faster. And avoiding other pregnant moms who park in the handicap spots which are convienently located by the street exits.


"Intentionally Katie" said...

What kind of a self-conscious PREGNANT woman would tell another pregnant woman that they're big?!?!? What an idiot. This is clearly a situation where lying or avoiding voicing your own tactless opinions is completely acceptable.

I hope that made her feel better about her gigantor self. Just know that she can't wear heels and dance comfortably with her husband at weddings.

CandidaBell said...

I had a girl tell me the same thing when I was pregnant. Her son is 2 months older than me, and she saw a picture of me and said, "Wow, you are so much bigger than I was at the same time in my pregnancy!" She and I are the same height, but she is normally a size 6, and I a 12. So, I kept my comments to myself, but you know what I was thinking.

chandy said...

Wow, you guys start a whole 2 weeks before our district! I haven't even bought the school supplies yet.

Reagan's dress is the cutest thing EVER! Where did you get that? It's perfect for the first day of school!

(And if you want to feel better about how small you really are, I'd be happy to show you some pictures of my ginormous pregnant belly ;)

Heather said...

Reagan looks adorable and sooooooooooooo grown up! I hope she enjoys herself!

And I feel for you on the pick-up thing. We get to watch pick-up at the popular charter school across the street from our house and it is CRAZY. I can't imagine navigating that - especially while pregnant.

The heat must have gotten to that other pg lady. I don't understand how one pg lady would say something like that... yikes.

Mitchell and Amy Schultz said...

Holy Cow...Kindergarten already!!! Reagan looked adorable for her first day of school, and it sounds like you handled it wonderfully, momma. Keep that air conditioning blasting...it will start to cool off soon enough.

kferr said...

LOL! I was laughing so loud as I read this that my husband was giving me funny looks! Just remember, when your baby is born, you'll get small again. When her baby is born she'll still be the jolly green giant! :-P

By the way: Reagan is way too cute!