Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mother of Three

As a new mom of three I have a profound appreciation for those other moms with more than 2 kids. Wow. How in the world do they get ANYWHERE on time? How do they balance screaming children with finishing homework? And make dinner? And shower?

I can't seem to shower daily. Isn't that horrible? And yesterday should not have been a skip-the-shower day. Ewww, I know. Today I managed to shower. And go through some very large piles of papers that had accumulated over the last couple of months. So today, I'm feeling good. Like I accomplished something.

The weirdest thing about being a mom of three now is that time seems to actually disappear. It's like I'm stuck in this weird Bermuda Triangle, or in the Time-Space Continuum. The time is gone. By the time I have to go get Reagan from school my whole day is gone. Because once she's home we have homework, Jack has to eat, I have to make dinner (or eat dinner thanks to my wonderful friends I haven't actually had to cook for several weeks), the girls need a bath, a story and a peaceful good night. So far almost none of that has happened because the time is gone! It's crazy.

So, on to update news. Jack is awesome. I'm totally in love. Right now he's sleeping on me a la the Sleepy Wrap. I know this is so not Babywise. But you know, after three I realize that this time flies by. And he won't sleep on me forever. And I'll miss it. He'll never be 19 days old again. I'm enjoying this one. There's plenty of time to nap train him. I am glad that I had the guts to stick to it with the girls because I know that Babywise works. And in a week or so we'll work on the afternoon nap. But for today, I'll take the snuggling.

He's working on finding his thumb. I'm still torn about encouraging it or not. My Reagan still sucks her fingers. So, I'm not sure thumb sucking is a good thing. But if it helps him self soothe...


chandy said...

What a cutie pie! It looks like he kinda takes after Erik a bit, huh? You are going to love having a little boy...they are SO much fun! (I'm so amazed by how different boys are from girls, right from the very beginning...)

Heather said...

He's adorable. Absolutely adorable.

I love having my babies sleep on me! It is just amazing. I also felt that it really came in handy to have them be able to fall asleep either ON me or in their beds. When you have more than one child and places to go with the others it is helpful if they can still get their naps. Both of my youngers would just take their morning naps in a carrier if we were out. Treyton even did it up until he gave up his morning nap around 16 months! :)

Life with 3 does get easier. But you're right. It takes VERY careful time management. I always build in at least 10 minutes to get everything and everyONE into the car in addition to driving time...