Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My dear wonderful husband gave me one of the best compliments ever. He told me that he could see the positive impact my staying home with the kids has been on them. This was an important thing for me to hear and I'm not sure he knows what that meant to me.

For some time I've been wanting some sort of career in addition to being a mother. It's a financial burden to only have one working parent. He works a lot of hours and has started his own side business. Our families like to vacation and we can barely afford it. We could use new couches, a screen door, would like to eliminate debt, etc. All of which, with one income, are just out of reach.

But when he says that our children are well-adjusted kids and have a secure home life, well, I'm thinking all those wants are really not necessary. I'm still praying about some sort of career. But until God opens that door I'm content knowing that my tedious work here at home is hopefully making an eternal difference.


Kristi said...

Hey girl! Take it from me, the career life ain't all it's cracked up to be! Although I'm sure it's one of those "the grass is always greener" things. I totally agree with your hubby--my mom was a stay-at-home until I was old enough to drive (and thus became the taxi for my younger brothers!) and I so appreciated that she was totally present with us, you know? And we were poor--we had game nights at home, took road-trip vacations to visit family, and hardly ever went out to eat--but we went to church every Sunday and for Wednesday night activities and ate dinner together and were present with each other...if any of that makes sense!

Whatever you decide to do will be the right thing, but I'd trade the job in a heartbeat if it meant I was married with kids--a career doesn't love you like a family does! :)

And don't sweat the shower thing--just say you're conserving water (we do live in a desert)!

Mrs. Miller said...

Stand strong! You're doing the right thing and your children, some day, will rise up and bless you for it.

chandy said...

You've got the rest of your life to think about a career...keep enjoying this time with your babies right now! (And speaking from experience, you probably wouldn't end up with that much extra $ after daycare expenses anyway...)

Maybe after a few months or so, after you settle into your routine with the kids, you can invest some time in Erik's side business. You can be his chief assistant, marketer, accountant, coordinator, etc. It will give you a sort of professional outlet that you can pursue from home, while helping him as well.

Heather said...

Props to Eric. Motherhood is such a 24-hour job w/ no pay and very little kudos. And yet, as he pointed out, so important. Even though we believe this, we still need to hear it. I needed to hear that today. So thanks for posting.

The Tucker Family said...

That is too funny! I honestly can't say that I can relate (only having 2) but I have plenty of good friends who have gone through it and heard their stories!! Although it may not feel like it, it sounds like you are doing a pretty good job! . . .And just take a deep breath and remember. ..it will not be like this forever!!