Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Memory Of...

Have you ever seen those stickers on cars that say "In memory of..." and list of someone who had died? I honestly do not get those things. What, is the driver driving in memory of their dead loved on? Does the driver contribute gasoline fumes in honor of the person who has passed on? And if so, what kind of token is that? I pollute because I loved this person... I just don't get it.

I know this is probably coming from the insensitive-Jessica. (As opposed to the quiet, keep it to myself Jessica.) But I just wanted to get this off my chest.

To me this is just like those stupid Facebook causes. Are any diseases actually being cured by being a fan of one on Facebook? I don't think so. Just like, are you really driving like a maniac in honor of your dead loved one?

Of course I feel horrible for the people left behind. But advertising it on your car?


chandy said...

Those things totally bug me too! What exactly are you dedicating to said person's memory? The entire car, or just the glass of the rear windshield?

I'm sure I'm totally insensitive too, but it just seems like people are advertising for sympathy instead of honoring their loved one. I hope when I pass, my family will find a better tribute than a bumper sticker.

April said...

One more reason why I love you both. I could take this a step further and say that I don't get those little white stick figure family stickers. I saw one once with nine people, two dogs, a cat, a fish and a turtle. It took up the entire back window. My car is sticker free and I am proud of it. twarika

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Yes this post IS completely insensitive. But I TOTALLY agree!

The Maid said...

You guys are so funny.

I always understand the ones that are dedicated to an infant or young child lost too early in a reminder that their every breath has been altered by the loss and they wanted to honor them...but I don't get the ones written about someone who died after living a long full life.

Dude...granny and grandpa are not getting an inch of my windshield. (Unless it is some way tied into an inheritance...I mean, lets not get stupid.)

Oh...and the sticker people creep me out too. Like I want people to know exactly how many kids I have, the gender, the names...yep...can we say "Mr. Pedophile, please follow me."

Yep, that and an "honor roll student" bumper sticker and you have just mapquested your child for the perfect abduction.