Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthday Post (Word of the Day: Demoralized)

So, today is my birthday. And I am in a serious funk.

1. I gave up breastfeeding last week. Jack's happy. I just don't produce enough milk to make it a long time with nursing. (Please don't give me the it's-in-your-mind argument. I know it. He didn't fight me on it, that's for sure.)

2. I weighed myself, and I'm up three pounds. Why, oh why, did I get on the scale on my birthday? I pretty much hate not being pregnant sometimes. I know, Happy Fat Tuesday, Jessica! How's that for irony?

So, yeah for being 31. I feel like Sally Albright.

Sally: I'm difficult.
Harry: You're challenging.
Sally: I'm too structured, I'm completely closed off.
Harry: But in a good way.
Sally: No, no, no, I drove him away. AND, I'm gonna be forty.
Harry: When?
Sally: Someday.
Harry: In eight years.
Sally: But it's there. It's just sitting there, like some big dead end. And it's not the same for men. Charlie Chaplin had kids when he was 73.
Harry: Yeah, but he was too old to pick them up.
3. And then Bam! I find out Katie is giving up sugar. I just don't think I can do the whole Lent thing. And to know that there are people out there who truly do it, well, let's just say I hate being face-to-face with my own shortcomings, especially on my birthday. I mean, I love Jesus and all. Don't get me wrong. But for some reason I've yet to participate in Lent. Maybe it's because I grew up Bible-Belt Christian.

And on that note, why in the world have a birthday right before Lent? I feel totally dejected.

I know, I'm a barrel of fun today. Aren't you glad you checked in? :) Today the word is demoralized.


"Intentionally Katie" said...

Do I dare comment? I'm so mad that I'm reading this at 9:45pm. Like I can call you NOW to apologize for contributing to your horrible birthday afternoon! Thank goodness I saw your recent post on FB. Hopefully Erik's awesomeness perked you up enough to continue speaking to me for the next 40 days. (though I wouldn't recommend speaking to me for the rest of the week...you know how I get when I detox from sugar...just sayin'...)

Kristi said...

Girl! You totally crack me up, then I feel bad for chuckling at your misery, but I for one love you just the way you are! Weight, like age, is just a number! And Lent--I'm with you, I grew up "in the church" but did not grow up "practicing Lent" and to be honest, some of the things people give up are usually good health choices that they should consider giving up year-round.

Welcome to the 3-1 club!

chandy said...

I've never participated in Lent before either. It's a bit, uh, Papist for my taste. And for many people, it seems more like a second shot at a New Year's resolution than a spiritual discipline. So instead, spend the next 40 days thinking about what God would like from you, instead of what you think you 'should' do.

And if it makes you feel better, here is a very brief list of things I won't be giving up for Lent:
Pop tarts
Bejeweled Blitz
The Internet
and Wine.

Happy Birthday!! Tell me how you like your new pans!