Friday, January 14, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Yesterday I watched "Alice in Wonderland" with my daughter Matilyn. Initially I really wanted to see it, but then I heard a few bad reviews and it was moved to the back of the list.

Forgive me, but I actually liked it. I do not consider myself to be an Alice purist which may be why I could stand to watch it. I think that for a remake, it was interestingly done.

Now, I love the original Disney "Alice". It was wonderful hand-drawn animation, beautiful original score, and followed the book pretty well.

The new "Alice", in my opinion, should not be compared with the original. I think the newest "Alice" movie should be seen more as a continuation of the story by Carrol. Now, I have not read "Through the Looking Glass" and the movie did deal more with the Jabberwocky so I may be speaking out of turn. However, I found that this more grown-up Alice was kind of charming and endearing while she dealt with questions of identity and calling. I really liked how the absurdity and irony of the "Real" people juxtaposed with Alice's seeming-weirdness. I liked how she escapes one absurd world into another, but this other world has more purpose, it seems.

Artistically I found it amazing, yet typical Tim Burton. Isn't it something that the talents and vision of Burton have become somewhat routine? He's pretty amazing, and yet, predictable. Anyways, I thought the costumes and makeup were great.

So, on the whole, I think this film was okay. I did have concerns with seeing it with my almost-five year old, but she was okay. And she did lose interest by the time the Jabberwocky showed up.

I probably could have lived my entire life without seeing this film, but I was glad that I did all the same. What did you think of it? If you haven't seen it, why have you avoided it?


chandy said...

I haven't seen it... not that I'm intentionally avoiding it, but I watch so few movies, that I only tend to sit down for ones that really grab me.

I'm sure Davina would freak out if she read this ;) but I think Tim Burton is a little...weird. But I love Johnny Depp!

Kristi said...

Two reasons I haven't seen it:
1) I usually don't like Tim Burton's films (not that I actually see them...I see the previews and that's enough to show me I don't like that style).
2) I don't like Johnny Depp.

Is it a musical? You know I'd totally be there if group musical numbers were involved.

Jessie said...

My mouth is open, Kristi, you don't like Johnny Depp? How is that even possible?


D.L. White said...

First of all, it's ok, Chandra - I think Tim Burton is VERY weird. ;) ha!

And I'm not a purist either - I really do love it when people take a classic theme and add their own variation to it, so I don't mind anyone re-imagining the story of Alice, or continuing the story. I've actually been thru a couple of stories where they follow Alice to adolescence and adulthood and they've been great.

This movie... however... was not great. It was all style, no substance, which seems to be a growing complaint that I have with Tim Burton. He gets so caught up in the look of his movie, he forgets to have, oh you know, things like a cohesive plot, good acting, etc. It was beautiful eye-candy (I saw it in the theater in 3D) but that's about it.

And I love Johnny Depp, but I *hated* him in this movie. It breaks my heart to even type that, but it's true.

I guess I'm long overdue to write my own blog post on this movie, eh?