Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Weekend We Could Have Been Shot

This past weekend we were in Tucson celebrating the love that has endured and grown in 10 short years between Erik and me.

We stayed at a nice Hilton off of Oracle and Ina. A great location, really. It's newer Tucson and my sister-in-law is from there so we're pretty familiar with that area. We got to Tucson on Friday and had a wonderful dinner at Wildflower, which is a Fox Restaurant Concept (the creator of Culinary Dropout, Blanco, Sauce, etc is a UofA graduate, and Wildflower was his first restaurant concept.) Anyways, we loved our meal at Wildflower. I had the fish special, which was Lane Snapper and it was DIVINE. On a side note, I usually get the fish special at good restaurants. For one, I don't make fish all that often and when I do it's pretty typical (sauteed in garlic or fried...) Getting the fish special allows me to try something that I would never think of doing with fish. Secondly, when I'm at a good restaurant, usually the chefs are great with fish. I have never regretted getting the fish, fyi.

Anyways, dinner was fabulous. Erik had the NY Strip and then to finish off we had Creme Brulee with coffee. Yum-yum.

The next day we woke up late and decided to go see the 11 o'clock showing of "The King's Speech". It was about 9:30 when we decided this and of course I need to eat, so we drove to the Einstein's on Ina and Oracle. We're talking, loving that we can talk without our children around, and I see a couple of cop cars whiz by, and then about 4 ambulances start passing. Erik points to the opposite corner of where we're headed and says, "Kevin said that 'Beyond Bread' restaurant is really good for breakfast." And I suggest that we check it out the next morning before we head up to Phoenix. And the as we're pulling into the parking lot of Einstein's, three helicopters are landing in the parking lot across the street.

We figured it was either a bomb threat, a bank hold-up, or a shooting.

Anyways, we get our bagels and coffee, eat, wonder what is going on outside, and then we leave. I mean, Colin Firth was waiting. Hello. By the time we left the entire intersection was blocked off and we went around the block to head to the theater.

The movie was great. I highly recommend it.

As we were leaving the theater, Erik checks Facebook on his phone only to discover what had happened. I was sick. How could you hear about this and not be sick? What kind of sicko does this?

So, happy anniversary to us. We could have been shot. And we may never go to Tucson again... Okay, most of that is facetious. Obviously we'll go to Tucson again. I hope you will continue to pray for the family's of the victims and the continued recovery of the ones still in the hospital.


chandy said...

Oh my! I knew you were in Tucson last weekend, but I didn't realize you were so close to the shooting. That story just broke my heart. I kept thinking that would be just the type of thing I would have gladly taken my kids to, as a learning experience and teachable opportunity. Now I just kind of want to keep them locked up at home, far away from the nutjobs of this fallen world. :(

Doug said...

"I hope you will continue to pray for the family's [sic] of the victims and the continued recovery of the ones still in the hospital"

...and of course for the "sicko" "nutjob" perpetrator and his family. If anyone has sanity, a balanced circumspect point of view, plenty of wholesome upbringing and other input, and other unnumbered blessings, s/he should not take those blessings for granted, but be grateful for everything. "There but for God's grace go I..."

Jessie said...

Doug, I agree. In fact, I feel especially saddened for the Loughners because of what they have to endure.

It is true that the human condition is utterly deprave. I am humbled by God's merciful hand on my life which has provided balance and love. And it's events like these that make me grateful to God.

D.L. White said...

It's so scary to think how close you all were to this. Nothing like being near something like this to remind you of your own mortality.

This is such a broken world we live in. I hope some good can rise up out of the ashes of the terrible tragedy.

(Oh, and btw, I saw the "King's Speech" and thought it was wonderful too. We'll have to chat more about it later.)