Monday, July 16, 2007

I have a new Nephew!

Please welcome Matthew Durham into the family! He was born on July 15th, and he weighs 8 lbs and 10 ozs! :) What a cutie!

After a very long labor, Patti had a c-section, but today both baby and mom are doing great!

Isn't he adorable? Okay, I know that's a big picture of me, too, but seriously, isn't that perhaps the cutest nephew, EVER?

Anyways, I have to tell you how good God is in regards to this trip. My oh-so-wise husband suggested on Saturday that my mom and I drive to San Diego to see my brother. And we talked about it, made the decision, made the hotel reservation, and took off! Sure enough, by the time we got here, my sister-in-law was in labor and being admitted into the hospital! I have to thank Erik for being so open to what God was urging.

We had no idea if we would be able to see the baby when we left, we just wanted to be with the family for a visit. What a fortuitous trip

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Heather said...

I can't believe that Don's a dad... :)