Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thoughts on Christianity & Harry Potter has an article regarding the Harry Potter movies and books and James Dobson's take on them. In the article, the Focus on the Family Founder, says the books are not endorsed by the organization, and went so far as to renounce them. This is due to the story's main focus on sorcery and magic.

I confess, I have been a little concerned about my enjoying something that is so against what God's Word says. The Bible speaks very directly about sorcery and that it is not tolerated by Him. So, by reading a story, am I practicing sorcery? No, indeed, I believe what the Bible says about divination and I do not subscribe to it's practices. I believe what God has set up in the Bible is to protect me from sin and eternal seperation from Him, and also how to live so that I become more like Jesus.

However, does that mean that an entirely fictional story is off limits for those of us Christians? I don't think so. What I think is important to keep in mind is whether or not the story is replacing God, or consuming the thoughts? Unfortunately, I am easily sidetracked by what I read. Although I am careful about what I read, I do have the potential to only read my books, instead of spending time in the Word. But, again, I confess, these Harry Potter books do consume my mind, but it's not just this series. I love Pride and Prejudice and have very much the same feelings when I read that book. I am not proud of this weakness. And in saying that, maybe it's fair to realize that I should be careful with those books that can replace the Lord in my life.

Nothing will take me from God; I am His and His alone. But I need to be careful about where my energies are spent, because there may be a problem in spending 15 minutes with God, and 3 hours with Harry.

Now, as far as sharing the book with my darling daughters, I will wait until they understand what the Bible teaches about sorcery. And I will read with them so that this discussion of Christianity versus the world is carried into another generation.


Heather said...

I think you hit it on the head. It's a matter of keeping priorities straight and also using discernment. I think reading something like this (it's on my list of reads) is a great way to converse with those around us and if you are reading using scripture to guide you as you discern worldviews at work than you are in a good place.

I ended up stopping a book (The Dark Materials trilogy) I was reading because it was so incredibly anti-Christian that my spirit was grieved. Although I was using discernment, especially with an eye towards reading certain books with my boys and discerning worldviews when they are much older, this one just went way over the line for me. I was shocked that this series of books would be marketed to children...

Thanks for your thoughts.

chandy said...

Funny you should post about this, as I was just thinking about the same issue today! I very much agree with everything you have written. I, too, am often tempted to immerse myself into fiction instead of the Bible. I've been praying this week that I can read God's Word as voraciously as I read everything else out there! As far as HP, since I'm not tempted by sorcery or the like, it is nothing more than make-believe for me. I try to focus on the positive values in the books and remember that fiction is not meant to be taken literally or held up to the same standard as the Bible.
Interesting thoughts!