Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch Out-She Bites

Matilyn was recently reprimanded for biting a neighboring boy at the gym where I take the girls in the mornings. He was playing with a train, she wanted it. So, she bit him. Broke the skin, too!

About 20 minutes into my workout, the childcare manager calls me out to discuss this new behavioral development. I was so angry, I needed to work out. So, I get my kids and put them into their car seats and proceed to find someone who would take Mati off my hands for a good couple of hours. I was so mad at her, and at the gym, that I didn't want to be around her.

The gym suspended her for two weeks! A 17 month old! How silly! I wonder if the childcare manager understands that toddlers have the attention span of a gnat. Anyways, I tried to negotiate the punishment down to one week, but she wouldn't budge.

After I left the gym, I took the girls to Barnes and Noble. Shopping helps me with anger, and B&N is my "happy place". I bought two books; one for Mati "Teeth are not for Biting" and "Creative Correction".

One of the big things I've learned this week is that I have as much of a temper as Matilyn does. So, we're both having to learn about this. Of course I have about 28 years of experience with controlling it, but my temper flairs almost as quickly as hers does.

I have tried different approaches, different punishments, but nothing works every time. I know I have to be consistent, but it's pretty hard.

Anyways, I pray that God will use her determination and fierceness for His Glory. I pray that she learns how to harness it so that it will further the Kingdom. I pray that where she sees injustice, she will be determined to stand against it. If you have read this, please pray that for her.

Here's a picture of my little Mati Grace. Who has so much joy and love, and is equally tough-skinned!

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Heather said...

Xander just went through a quick phase of biting two weeks ago (hopefully that phase is over). It is definitely a growing experience for us both - him with learning that it is NOT tolerated and me with my patience... they sure do grow us don't they?!?