Monday, December 10, 2007

Reagan's Week

Today marks the end of a very eventful week for Reagan. Matilyn and Reagan were all over each other this last week. I guess that is to be expected at this age (and maybe from now on, until makeup and shoes take over...) since they are playing so frequently together, instead of in parallel. However, their closeness isn't without risks (on Reagan's part, especially.) On Monday, Mati bit Reagan so hard on her shoulder blade that an actual chunk was missing. On Tuesday Mati and Reagan were playing outside since it was so beautiful. Of course, there were gardening tools out, and Mati took the weed-digger-thingy and hit Reagan in the face with it. It left a mark that is now fading, thankfully. And to top it all off, on Friday Mati was chasing Reagan around the kitchen to get the muffin that Rea Rea had in her hand, which lead to Reagan tripping and hitting her head so hard on the tile that she has a goose-egg on her forehead. It's still tender to the touch.

I can't remember a more injurious (is that an appropriate use of the word?) week for Reagan. It all happened before I could intervene so as to try and stop it. Needless to say, I have felt a bit of failure last week and hopefully no permanent damage to the girls' characters was made.

We go to Disney World this week for a whole week! I hope you will send up some prayers for our travels and that the girls won't kill each other at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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