Monday, April 19, 2010

Recent Eatings Here at Home

Someone a while back asked me to post some of my usual makings for lunch and or dinner. I really enjoy eating, and I love when my family love my cooking.

So, anyways, here's what we Wilhelmsens have been eating lately.

I've started Asian night on Monday nights. One of my favorite foods is Chinese/Thai. But the spices are not always great for the girls. So, I have had to find a kid-friendly, mommy/daddy like, dinner. I have settled on Panda Expresses Orange Sauce. I found it at Costco! And let me just say we LOVE it! I lightly coat chicken pieces in flour and salt and pepper, spray them with Pam, and cook them in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes. And then I quick toss the chicken into a skillet, cover with about a cup of orange sauce and heat through. YUM-OH! It's like take out with WAY less calories. I serve the chicken with Jasmine Rice (my little secret weapon for authentic Chinese take-out.) And I throw in either Edamame or Broccoli with the chicken. It's delicious!

The other menu item that is a sure thing for our weekly menu plan is some sort of Pizza Night. I make my own pizza dough and use it either for pizza or calazones. For calazones I use cottage cheese rather than ricotta, and throw in any veggie and pepperoni I can find. And I serve it with the BEST pizza sauce as a dip.

I also like to throw in a Mexican night. I love Mexican food, but it has been somewhat challenging to find recipes that don't kill my calorie count. My favorite recipe is a Weight Watchers Taco Salad recipe with Ground Turkey.

Well, there is a bunch more so I'll just post a list of what a few things I've made in the last couple of weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions. I love to talk Food!


Charissa @ The Stromski's World said...

I checked out your blog today specifically to see if you've posted a menu! Thanks girl :)

chandy said...

I need to add more Asian-influenced recipes into my weekly rotation. I'd love to see more of your tried and true meals!

Kristi said...

Do you have to thaw the chicken first before it goes in the oven?

(This from the person that has cereal or take-out most nights of the week).

Jessie said...

Well, the breading would hold better to a thawed breast. Also, I find that if you don't thaw the chicken first you run the risk of over-cooking the chicken. In my opinion, always thaw the meat. It makes for a better dish. :)