Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Side Tracked...

Last week I was having dinner with a few friends from my old work place. We try to get together a few times a year and catch up. I really like them. And I'm so glad they want to get together with me.

Well, last week a third person came, who is not usually part of the group, but nevertheless I knew her and was happy to have another person.

Anyways, I have been recently burdened for their salvation. I hope that doesn't sound hoaky. I know them. I know their lives. And of course I know that the Lord Jesus Christ wants them to be with him. So, with that in mind, I have consciously tried to maintain a friendship with these super ladies. Therefore I was hoping to get into some discussions about the eternal state of their souls...

Unfortunately the third person was asking me about my kids, you know. The get-to-know-you better small talk that one engages in when you meet up.

And then she asked my kids names. Well, Reagan is my first child's name. And she said, "Did you name her for the President?" And of course I said yes. And I said, "Well, I'm a conservative. I believe conservatism is the way to move forward." Oh goodness. And she said, "I liked Reagan." And then moves on to her views of all things liberal. Like she's so happy that banks are no longer allowed to loan money to students. And how the government's investment in green technology is awesome. And how all bankers are evil. And how all profit is wrong. Especially all those bankers who caused the housing collapse.

Gag me.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't just let all that drivel go unanswered. At which point my friends turned to each other and started discussing a current employment situation (I should say unemployment situation, thank you, Mr. Obama.) And after I got through saying that profit is not wrong, neither were the individual bankers, and then how the loss of private loans for education will be bad for America, the newcomer said, "You know, you're not going to change my mind."


So, I wasted energy and precious time on someone who was not going to listen to me in the first place. Oh, what a lesson.

I feel convicted that I should have been wary of this. I should not have taken the bait. I should have just smiled, said nothing, and moved on.

The truth of the matter is that I have finally felt a burden for these friends of mine and instead of being focused on that, I went off on a political tangent. No one was saved through politics, at least I don't know anyone.


chandy said...

I've had many similar converstations. They really ended up feeling more like arguments with someone who had no intention of examining my point of view, and they were just baiting me for the sport of it. It is very frustrating.

But who knows....for some reason, that girl showed up at your lunch. Maybe you were meant to put some ideas in her head. I wonder...on what is she basing her like for Reagan?

Mrs. Miller said...

Jess--political discussion are very powerful and important; don't stop having them, even with people who disagree with you and do not know the Lord. God has given you a heart and brain for politics. He will use that gift to bring him glory by 1) persuading people toward laws that keep the country open to the Gospel and people thriving (economically, physically, emotionally) the way God designed us for and 2) bringing sisters and brothers to Christ.
Indeed, politics is a great way we can "love our neighbor."

Also, people are saved, in part, through political discussions. The most immediate example I can give is Jane Roe from Roe v. Wade. Christian, pro-life activists witnessed to her over and over, showed her compassion, and also told her that abortion was wrong (enter harsh politics). I'm sure many times she told them that they couldn't change her mind. But God did and he used those people being bold in their faith and convictions.
Maybe, in this situation with your friends, politics wasn't the right conversation to have. The Holy Spirit knows and he let's you know! Just don't give up on these conversations altogether.