Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Not Over; Romney Doesn't Have It Yet

This post is for those of you who feel like Romney has already wrapped up the nomination.

He hasn't.

A candidate in the GOP needs 1,144 delegates to seal the Presidential nomination.  Romney has seven.  And since Huntsman just dropped out, his two will probably go to Romney.  Making Romney's total 9 at this point.

Let's be real.  Romney won Iowa and New Hampshire.  Not exactly population dense areas, right?

What was important about winning Iowa and then New Hampshire is that Romney is the perceived nominee and money loves a winner.  The winners are more likely to get more donations.  And then there's the East coast thing.  Who is really surprised that Romney won NH?  He's from MA!  It's like two centimeters on the map away!

Personally, I'd be watching out for the people coming in second and third.  The western states are looking for people to support other than Romney.

I just want to you know that despite what you've been seeing/hearing on the T.V. or NPR, Romney does not have this in the bag.  Sure he's enjoyed the least amount of probing from the press, and sure he's raised the most money.  And yes, he's being heralded as the heir!  But do not listen to them!  It's in the establishment's best interest to have Romney in power because he's not really a fiscal conservative and his social issues are paper thin conservatively.  The establishment thinks that a conservative candidate would lose to Obama, but they can't know that certainly.  Remember, they want to discourage you.  That way you either don't vote or you don't go against Romney.  This is a tactic of Romney's campaign!

Be encouraged to examine the candidates so that when you go to vote in your primary you're not voting "Not Romney".  This is the perfect opportunity to pick a better candidate.

This is a good article to further the discussion about delegates for the GOP.

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chandy said...

I was hoping to get some political posts from you! I have to admit I have trouble finding the time to follow along with everything right now. Not proud to say that much of my news comes from Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.