Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good News Colin Firth Fans

Colin Firth is going to be in a new movie with Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, and Matthew Broderick. I CAN'T WAIT! Here's the trailer. It looks great. Even if it doesn't look great, I will see it anyways.

(Katie, don't you think Helen Hunt looks a bit like Dr. Schwartz?)


April said...

Jess! I will see this movie with you!! Because you know he is number 3 on my list (DC #1, Clive #2). Oh I feel all tingly just thinking about it!

Katie said...

HA! I can totally see it...Dr Schwartz is famous! :)

I see a girls night in order. Erik wouldn't see that with you anyway, would he? Let's plan it. I'm free next week...anyone?

Jessie said...

The movie doesn't open until mid-May. Hold your horses, Roose. :)

chandy said...

That looks like a good one! And is Helen Hunt starting to look a bit...mature?

April said...

Mature!! Good word Chandy. Much nicer than really flipping old and spinster-ish. Ha!!

Becky said...

Okay...watched the trailer...and I know that I am quite possibly not the blogging in crowd...but I wanna go see it too! :)

Pick me. Pick me.

(Remind you of choosing teams in grade school...I'm the fat kid that gets picked last.) HAHAHAHA

And yes...Helen Hunt is aging quickly or smoking 4 packs a is written all over her face! Sad, because that means I am AGING too!