Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Have you heard about this? A Pro-Life Student Magazine (forgive me for not having a source, I'm potty-training and don't have time for my normal research.) was calling up abortion clinics in several states asking if they could make a donation and earmark it for, get this, black-baby abortions. I'm not kidding. It's all of the blogosphere and talk-radio.

Of course, this should raise hell with Planned Parenthood advocates, who get federal dollars for their support. What in the world? Can you say discrimination? Or is this affirmative action at a preventative stage? And naturally, I'm up in arms about this. But I'm always anti-abortion. Still, this practice is appalling.

Here's the link so you can listen to the telephone call yourself.


April said...

I seriously felt sick to my stomach reading this. Did you hear about the girl last week who was performing abortions on herself as "art"? She is a Yale student. Yale. And this is what she considers art. It's disgusting, regardless of a person's stance on the issue.

chandy said...

I keep hoping something will pop up on snopes saying this isn't true... just sick.

Becky said...

I missed this post on your blog until just now...oh my goodness.

Sounds like a bad Hollywood movie...

Makes me wonder, is it someone who is just trying to give Pro-lifers a bad name?