Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another One

Yes, I remembered what other movie I just saw. (Don't you love when you remember what you forgot?) Anyways, the oh-so-economically-minded Erik and I went to free screening of "Prince Caspian", the next in the Narnia series.

It was very good. I love, love, love C.S. Lewis, and what a treat to see this fine adaptation. And on that note, I have the highest respect for Walden Media, the makers of the film. They take great family books and make them into fabulous, mostly-family, movies. So, please go see this movie. Your kids will love it; you will love it.

One scene that I remember in detail enough to discuss was where Lucy is looking for Aslan so he can help them in the war against the Tellmuns (I don't remember their names...). Well, Lucy finds Aslan and they sit and talk for a moment. Can you imagine? The battle is raging, and Aslan is concerned about Lucy and why she waited so long to come find him. For the first time I realized that Jesus wants the relationship so much more than a victory. He wants us to come to Him, and then go fight together. He already won the war, why rush into the battle?

Anyways, great movie. Wonderful story. See it.

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Becky said...

Wow...I just saw Prince Caspian...and I have to admit I was disappointed. While the cinematography was great and the scenery at times was beautiful, oh, and I love the children who acted in this movie...I thought the whole thing was freakish and scarey and definitely not for my kiddos.

It was also A LOT of fighting. I get that there are going to be fight scenes and I am usually okay with it, but it seemed to be the whole course of the movie.

I had hoped it would be more like the first one, I suppose. (But thinking back on it, that one was a tad wierd too!) :)

Glad I saw the movie first, or I might have sent my kiddos to see it.