Thursday, May 1, 2008


One definition for insanity is continuing to do something and expecting a different outcome. This occurred to me on Monday morning while in aerobics.

I have been doing step aerobics off and on for over 9 years. I have been working out, most recently, for over 18 months and I pretty much stick to the same routine. Monday: 8:30 step aerobics/sculpt; Tuesday: Either cycle or kickboxing; Wednesday: Step/Sculpt; Thursday: Either cycle or kickboxing; Friday: Step. Sometimes I mix in some extra weigh-lifting, but it's not consistent.

Anyways, on Monday morning I looked around the room and saw the usual crowd who normally goes to the gym on Mondays and I realized that not one person in there was smaller, thinner, buffer. And sure enough, I looked at my reflection and yep, definitely not smaller in the right areas.

I had had it. What in the world? For 18 months I've been sweating out the calories, and it turns out that I was just maintaining. Talk about insanity. I was so mad, I almost walked out.

Well, I almost gave up working out. But I don't want to do that. So, after a healthy talk from one of my friends, I have switched up everything. I'm only going to the gym for classes that I want to do. (Warning: RANT COMING!) No more obligatory workouts! No more not enjoying it! I'm going to pilates, yoga, and weight-lifting. And I'm doing the machines! No more of this class stuff, I can't be bored one more minute! I don't want to be frustrated with my workouts!

Also, I am doing Turbo Jam. Okay, it's crazy and I look hilarious shakin' my booty. But it's fun and NOT BORING!

Alright, I need to go have a brown rice cake with a smidgen of peanut butter. The diet, after all, has to stay a little boring...


April said...

Oh Jess how I envy your stamina. I HATE working out. HATE IT. There is not one class or exercise activity that I remotely enjoy. Not one. So in my mind if you are doing any activity you enjoy, that is all that matters. And the diet does not have to be boring. I have learned a thing or two about that. Let's talk!!

Katie said...

oooh...Turbo Jam? I'm intrigued. Wanna have a workout date?

And April, I want in on that un-boring diet talk.

Becky said...

Brown rice cakes? Sounds like the Prism plan to me. :)

Excercising is my strong point, that is why I am so buff.

(Get up off the floor...and quit laughing.)

The un-buff, wiggly, jiggly, maid.