Friday, May 16, 2008

Buyers Remorse

I am no stranger to buyers remorse. I'm usually filled with guilt the moment I've spent any money on myself which I have not budgeted. (Please, no comments about budgeting-I've heard it all. It's like the whole "Diet Coke is going to kill you someday if you don't give it up" argument. I've heard most of it and I agree with it. And someday I'll get better at it.)

Anyways, yesterday after a rather rough morning with the girls, in which Matilyn proceeded to whine for about 1.5 hours straight, I went to Old Navy. I love that stinking store. Never mind that the sizes are not consistent from one season to the next.

Except, now I'm hating that store. After I perused through the women's section (where I found an adorable black wrap dress for only $16!) I went over to the kids' section. Low and behold, there were jellies. You know, the plastic shoes that girls where? Well, for $10 a pair I thought they were worth it. So I bought a pink and green pair. Once home, the girls wanted to put them on. Within minutes the pink pair's snap broke. I promised a very devastated Reagan that tomorrow (today) we would go back to the store and exchange them for a new pair.

Today, we got into the car and went back to ON to exchange them. I got the new pair, cut off the tags (saved them of course) and put them on a very happy Reagan and then we went to the gym. By the time my yogalates class was over, the pink ones broke again. I'm not kidding. So, Reagan is flipping out. So much so that she wouldn't even put the shoe on since it wouldn't snap. And then Mati starts flipping out; apparently something was wrong with the green ones too. Darn it. I hauled them off to the car, took their shoes off, and told them that for throwing those fits, they are not getting jellies at all. I'm taking them back for a FULL REFUND!

And that leads me to the real remorse. Crappy shoes from ON. You get what you pay for, I guess.


Katie said...

Oh I, too, have felt the remorse. And jellies are back? Is it 1984 again??? Love it.

As if your kids weren't already giving you a hard with the fine craftsmenship of Old Navy, they can now be further devestated. And you got to go to O.N. an extra TWO times. Who has time for that?!?!? They should issue a written apology, give you a free wrap dress both in addition to the full refund. How dare they make crappy products and waste a busy mom's time.

Now you see? You got me all worked up...I hate inefficiency.

chandy said...

Well, thanks for letting me know I should avoid the ON jellies...

And don't make yourself feel bad...Diet Coke is NOT going to kill you. That's just something health-nuts made up to sell those expensive organic-juice-smoothie things. Cheers.

April said...

I love Chandy. She's so wise.

And thanks for the heads up on the shoes. I'm surprised, I've never had a problem like that with Old Navy.

I feel very guilty about spending money. I hyperventilate over large purchases. I threw up every time we bought a house. It's actually a great diet plan. But there are only so many houses and cars you can buy before your out of money, you know?

Kristi said...

That is such a sad story! It just goes to show you how quality craftsmanship has gone down the tubes--jellies in our day lasted forever! And I have no idea what's happening to ON--I used to be able to find work-appropriate clothes everything is so low-cut and sheer, and I totally agree on the size thing!

Jessie said...

Hi Kristi! I'm so glad you decided to comment! YEAH!

Becky said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Old Navy.

And Jellies? Oooohhhh, let's make our feet sweat and stink like it was 1985! ;)

(I bought my daughter some at Burlington Coat Factory recently and she ripped off the pink plastic ribbon and refuses to wear them now, so I so feel you on this!)

Thanks for the heads up!