Friday, November 21, 2008

The Cabinet

Does it strike anyone as odd that Obama is picking the old gaurd for his cabinet? It sure does me. I mean he was supposed to be about "hope and change" and yet he goes for the same old has-beens and do-nothings. Hmm, sure will be interesting what kind of change those folks bring about.

Let's discuss who Obama has chosen thus far:

1. Rom Emmanual-He's a long-time politician from Chicago (what a surprise) who helped Bill Clinton get elected in '92. Also, he was instrumental in finding values-conscience candidates to run in the south in 2004, which helped the Republicans lose the majority.

2. Janet Napolitano-Seriously, I'm thrilled. Couldn't be happier. GET HER OUT OF THIS STATE! This is probably the best thing that has come out of this election. Budget deficits, higher taxes, vetoing everything coming out of the state legislature, and issuing executive orders which bypass the legislative process-all things I won't miss when she is gone. Maybe now the State of Arizone can actually get something done.

3. Tom Daschle-My personal favorite choice, thus far. One time Senate Majority Leader and Minority Leader he lost his re-election bid to John Thune in 2004. So, let me lay this out for you, folks. Tom Daschle lost his election, has not been in public service for the last four years, and Obama is picking him to head up the Health and Human Services Department! This is outrageous. A Majority Leader (the first to be ousted since Barry Goldwater did it in 1952) who was not re-elected is now going to be in charge of implementing Universal Healthcare (Lord, please don't let it get passed!); responsible for creating abortion policy and everything else the Health and Human Services department does. Oh yeah, I feel represented. Not even South Dakota wanted him back in the Senate, and now he's going to be in the cabinet.

4. Hilary Clinton-She just can't resist the power that the Secretary of State has. Poor woman. I feel bad for her. Second (in her mind) to Bill and now 2nd to Obama.

Obviously, the blessing in this is that two of these people are sitting members of Congress, which will free their seats for someone else (appointed by govenors, of course) but vulnerable to re-election. I am glad Clinton will be out of the Senate. I am thrilled that Emmanuel will be out of the House. But is this the "Change" the American voters were thinking of? Isn't this the same-old same-old?

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