Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas has come to the Wilhelmsen's

We put up our tree this last weekend. We figured that since Christmas was only three weeks from Thanksgiving it wasn't enough time to fully enjoy the tree and decorations.

However, now it means that my daughters have four weeks to completely destroy my decorations.

It's funny, I never get tired of saying "Stop playing with Baby Jesus." Somehow it always seems to make me laugh a little. Although now my daughter (I won't tell you which one, it's a mystery) is playing with all the stable animals. I have had to permanently remove the Precious Moments Nativity entirely. Oh well. I'm sure they'll outgrow the whole playing-with-the-nativity-pieces, surely by the time they're 16. Right?


Mrs. Miller said...


My mom tried to solve the playing nativity issue by owning a nice (read: breakable) nativity and a more durable, resin nativity for grandkids to play with. Of course, I think the little people still try to get their hands on the former. :-)

Karen said...

What is it about baby Jesus that attracts those girls? I think baby Jesus will be away from the rest of the nativity scene this year!