Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election Day Anecdotes

So two eventful things happened in my life last Tuesday.

The first was at the polling place. First off, I got there before they opened because I wanted to vote before the girls woke up. The last time I voted for President Reagan was only3 months old and the line was not much of a problem. Anyways, back to the line. So I'm waiting and waiting. And then I get up to the front and it turns out that the line actually splits into two, one for last names starting with A-L and one for M-Z. Being a 'W' put me in the SLOWEST LINE imaginable. I'm not kidding, the A-L's were racing through the door, being checked in, signing, getting their ballot and voting all before one M-Z was getting through the door to be checked in. I SWEAR. Us M-Z's were getting pretty irritated (which, if you know me, takes no time at all.) I started speculating that maybe the M-Z lady couldn't read and should probably be relieved. At the very least the A-L lady and M-Z lady should have switched places. It was ridiculous.

Anyways, that was my voting experience.

The next anecdote is about my neighbor and my complete inability to convince anyone of anything.

My neighbor and I walk in the early mornings a few times a week. And lately she's been bringing up politics. She knows that it's my hobby and will not turn down an opportunity to speak my mind. And unfortunately at 5 am, my mind doesn't have much of a filter. I frequently launch into sweeping generalities that early in the morning. For instance I told her that Democrats do not have senses of humor. And actually, I do believe that. But really, you try making a case of that kind at 5 am, before coffee/tea. Needless to say, the argument was not convincing. I tried telling her that since Republicans, especially Conservatives, believe that the human spirit is capable (glass is half-full types) that makes us much more capable of laughing at ourselves. Well, the argument didn't win her over. And really, it turns out that nothing I have said regarding the current political landscape had convinced her to vote for McCain.

She voted for Obama, I think. I haven't asked. She did not vote for McCain. But honestly, I could barely vote for McCain. So, it was a weak case anyways.

If I can't help along the Conservative cause, I don't know what I'm doing with Christianity. Hopefully, one day, when my neighbor asks about Jesus I'll be ready, and loaded with caffeine.

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D.L. White said...

Thanks for sharing the stories with us! They made me smile. I'm soo not a morning person, I can't imagine having any kind of deep discussion before 9:30... let alone without caffination! :P