Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Box

I have an inbox issue. I don't like dealing with email. It piles up and then totally overwhelms me. So, I check it all the time but only respond once there are too many items in there that I can't possibly think!

I mean, what do you do with an email from a guy from high school who was in one of your choir sections who tracks you down just for an update? I don't immediately respond, that's what I do. (Or don't do.) And how about that announcement from a friend about a new business? Do you have an file named "Friends' New Business Ventures"? Or how about those money saving tips that you know you should follow or at the very least look up? Yep, I don't have a place for those either. They all just stay in my inbox.

What ends up happening is that in a frenzy I respond to that highschool aquantance (no, I will not be setting my husband up with him... :), respond to the friend with the new business inquiring for some deeper information, and the money-saving tips just stay there. I can't do it all in one night!

And at last, my inbox is down to 10 items. Much more manageable. I'm sure I'll be overwhelmsed by this time next week...


Karen said...

And YOU give me a hard time about MY inbox!

D.L. White said...

Ah yes... the eternal struggle with the overflowing in-box. I use Gmail (thru Google), and it helps quite a bit to keep me organized, although you have to take the time to set-up filters and labels, but once you do, you're golden.