Thursday, December 3, 2009

Again with Baby Jesus!

Once again this year I have had to remind my children not to play with Baby Jesus. My husband wanted to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year. The tension in my shoulders increased by ten-fold.

You see, to me, Christmas decorations mean endlessly telling my children to stop touching Baby Jesus. And that the Christmas tree ornaments are not toys. And that no, we can not watch stupid Frosty again because we've already watched it 50 million times today.

Erik accused me of being Scrooge on Monday.


Erin said...

Get the Fisher Price Little People nativity set for Christmas. They can play with that baby Jesus all day! The girls LOVE it. Hang in there- the pic made me laugh :)

Heather said...

I second the Fisher Price rec. That is the only set I have out this Christmas because I didn't want to battle them over my set...

You a scrooge???? nevah.