Friday, December 4, 2009

Cooking Day

Something about the cooler weather inspires me to cook. And thankfully my KitchenAid is back in business so I decided to bake French Bread. It is one of my favorite breads to make. Who am I kidding? I never made a bread I didn't love. And the idea of fresh baked bread inspired me to make soup. Therefore I found a Butternut Squash Soup recipe on

What came out was amazing! I'm so glad I made this soup. And the hot bread was perfect for it.

The soup came out a bit thicker than I thought it would, but I didn't puree all of the squash. Perhaps it would have been soupy-er if I had. I didn't have heavy cream so I omitted it entirely and I don't think it was missed. I did top with bacon and sour cream. The soup cooked very quickly, within 45 minutes.

Altogether a delicious lunch for a cold day!

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chandy said...

I love that soup season is finally here! There's nothing like soup and fresh bread for dinner on a cold day.

Do you have an immersion blender? (I affectionately call mine my boat motor.) It is the best thing EVER for pureeing soups.