Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Found in Backyard

We built our home here in Surprise just over 4 years ago. Since that time we have found some random stuff.

We find trash that floats in from other yards. We find nails which scare me since I let my girls run around all the time and frequently they end up outside without shoes.

But yesterday, as I was prepping dinner Reagan came in with a pregnancy stick. Totally without the cap. I kind of freaked out. And no, it wasn't mine. It came from one of our neighbors. And the finding of this particular device now lead to a whole discussion about what it is used for and Mati saying "When I grow up I will use that and a baby will be in my bell." Yikes. Way too early for me to be talking about this. And naturally I told the girls that it was disgusting. And they asked why. And I said because you pee on it. Oh man, what a conversation. And then when we were telling Erik about it at dinner Mati got up and went to try and find it in the garbage. Quite a night at the Wilhelmsens.

Which brings up another thing. The girl next door is troubled. I think she's about 15 or 16 and she hangs out with some questionable characters. And we find plastic chairs by the wall that separates our houses and the screen to what I assume is her bathroom looks like it's been pushed out and replaced. So, either she's sneaking out or someone's sneaking in.

All of this leads me to think that quite possibly the pregnancy test was hers. If so, should I say something to her? Should I mention that I found a pregnancy test in our yard (Which, who would throw it over the side of a wall! Hello? We have small children! Which you know about because you see them and we always say hello. Dude, not cool.) Anyways, Erik seems to think that I should keep my head down. But he's a guy. And from New York. You always keep your nose down over there. But this is my home. And I'm a Christian woman. I kind of want to mention it and ask her if she needs any help or someone to talk to. What do you think?


chandy said...

Uh...was it positive?

Sorry, had to ask.

I would try to have a chat with her. Ask her how school or whatever is going, then mention how you recall how crazy those years were, and all of the trouble you could have gotten into.

Charissa @ The Stromski's World said...

Interesting! They had a similar discussion about this on The View last month. I am generally a "go talk to the parents" kind of a girl, however I have seen these people, and the girl is 15, so probably a good idea to talk to her instead of the parents. i would be careful however, since they are a bit scetchy and you do live next door, you need to keep your families safety in mind. Pray about it and see where the Lord leads you.